Sam Houston State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Sam Houston is not ment just for one type of individual. At this school there are multiple types of personalities and we all get along. In this college town, just be yourself and people with the similar intrest will find you.


Someone looking for a quality education without the expense of tuition and living in a large city, like Austin or Houston.


Someone who is willing to deal with the academic pressures of being in a 4 year university and willing to join extra-curricular activities to better round themselves.


I would recommend someone that is fond of the smaller yet personal classroom environment. I believe those that prefer a smaller campus and a corressponding classroom environment should attend this school.


If you love performing arts, business, or criminal justice, this is a great school. Otherwise, a prospective student should take into account how physically fit they are and how much they love rain because the campus is covered in steep hills and stair cases and rains at least once or twice a week during a dry spell.


A person who likes an intimate environment for learning would enjoy SHSU. Also if a person likes the "small town" feel of a place, Huntsville is great. The school is know for its education, business and criminal justice majors. If considering any of these firelds SHSU is the way to go.


Anyone that is looking to have an amazing time along with go to school should come here. They have an amazing scene for everything. if you are the spiritual type there are multiple on campus church groups. if one would like to dance there are mutlple clubs for that.


Sam Houston State University is surrounded by a fairly small town, so this would be a great place for people who aren’t into the big city atmosphere. It is also a great place to those who like to be able to interact and have a small class environment. It is a great place to meet new people because people here are extremely friendly.


This is a good school for someone who is looking for the university experience, without the huge university. It is the perfect size, where professors can get to know you and you can get to know other students. This school is located in a university centered, small town. The school is great for students looking to become an educator or teacher, as it was originally Sam Houston State Teachers' College and is NCATE accredited. This school also has a really good criminal justice program.


The kind of person that should attend Sam Houston State University is one that truly wants an opportunity for a good education and training for a career that will be rewarding both financially and morally.


A student who is set to learn and carry their high school knowledge with them to college. Bringing the attitude that your strict high school teachers pended in you preparing you for lectures and tardiness. Sam Houston professors are willing to help you inside and out of the classroom. If you find you are having difficulty and struggling get help in the free tutoring offerred. Growing up and moving to the university is a big transition for a young teenager. Get involved the university has organizations, student activities, and plenty of nice bearkats to keep you busy.


Anyone who wants to learn and experience new things should come to this school. Every professor and faculty member genuinely wants each student to succeed and walk away with a great deal of knowledge. The campus is located in a slightly small town, so any person who is used to the big city should prepare themselves for a culture shock. This is nothing to be scared of though. The town is still fun and the people are very friendly and welcoming. Overall, I have enjoyed my time here and I am looking forward for the next couple years.


Someone who likes a small town, country music, and who is very outgoing. SHSU is best known for their Criminal Justice program. They have a very good Music program as well. They are adding to their music building a auditorium, more practice rooms, and more rooms. It will be done by Fall 2010.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one who is very serious about academics.




People who do not feel the need to only live in a big city. Sam Houston State University is not a large school and is located in a small city that does not offer a large variety of activities to participate in. It is a great school for somebody like myself, who graduated from a small high school and isn't exactly sure what they want to study.


The person who should attend this school is building their GPA to attend a better recognized school, majoring in one of the few nationally ranked major programs, or finding the cheapest way to get through college.


The type of person that should attend this school is a person who wants to gain friends for life. This school has a great deal of people that enjoy being social, and everyone gets along with everyone. The school is very high spirited and the kids who go here take school spirit seriously. The kids that also go to this school enjoy a challenge and want to succeed. If you are looking for a school that is going to challenge you mentally, then this is the school for you.


Those who like a small-town college that offer big chances for success.


Any kind of person could attend this school. It's people/student friendly for anyone.


Any kind of person. This university it diverse and everybody will find a friend if they try. Everybody in classes are cheerful and social with others, no matter how they look or act. Everybody is accepting of different people and embrace unique personalities.


Anyone with a passion to better themselves and be successful in the professional world after graduation can be successful here, as the professional community respects and seeks our graduates for postitions with their companies


Any person considering a career in the field of criminal justice, education, or business. Also, anyone who wants to attend a medium size university. You still get the feel for college life, being bigger than a high school, but not so large you get lost in the masses. It is also very accepting so any person from any ethnicity and background would feel comfortable here.


A person wishing for a good education while on a budget. someone comfortable not having the a full sized city.


Anyone motivated to school. Even if the person did not do as well as they wanted in high school, it is acceptable for them to come here and make a better education for themselves now then they did in the past. A motivated, independent student who wants a college with few students in a small class enviornment with one on one support with the professor.


One going into Criminal Justice, Business, or Education. Also, someone who is extroverted enough to get plugged into an organization by his or her own initiative. Also, those who are from averaged sized towns tend to adjust the best. Those from big towns find it too small and find Huntsville boring. while those from extremely small towns find it too big and hard to adjust to. The most successful students are those who prioritize and know how to balance their social life with their studies.


Need cheap tuition, doesn't want to go to far from home, only has a couple of options of school to attend, couldn't get into major university in Texas (like Texas A&M or Texas)


Someone who enjoys small town living, and a friendly community! Someone who wants to be more involved in classes, and have smaller classrooms where discussion is possible with the professors, and they are likely to learn your name.