Sam Houston State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I feel that any kind of person can attend this school. However, if you like the big city life I would definitely not reccommend this school. Huntsville is farely small, but its only about an hour and a half to Houston and 3 or 4 hours from Austin.


Someone who isn't willing to put in the work to deal with the academic pressures of being in a 4 year university.


Someone who is not ready to walk to classes, be flexable with class work and be ready for difficult work.


I don't think anyone should be excluded from attending college based on anything other than their own personal decision. College is a necessary part of becoming an adult as well as providing the education needed to enter the work force as a productive member of society. SHSU, or any college, gives students a foundation to begin a life apart from childhood. Our whole lives are built and enhanced on what we learn from others. No single person should be excluded from the benefits of learning.


In my opinion everyone has the right to attend this school if you are willing to work. Someone who lacks work ethic and does not show an interest in getting involved should reconsider their college preference. The Sam Houston community is close knit and I feel as if everyone should be involved in some way.


If you are a person who enjoys urban living and being in a big city, SHSU might not be the college for you. It is a pretty small town with some activities to do while not in school, but not many. If you have a hard time making friends, you might also not like SHSU due to the many commuter students who attend. The town is pretty dead on the weekends.


I believe that like any school if you dont really wanna go to that school then dont. If you are a party person this is not the school for you.


A person that is not willing to get involved should not attend this school. We are very involveled with our community and with so many organizations it is hard to not be involved. Also most students that go to sam houston are known for having southern manners and being respectful and do not take kidly to rude, dishonest people.


A person who doesn't have a car.


A close minded person who does not wish to have new experiences should not attend Sam Houston University.


If someone loves the city and hates small towns, they shouldn't attend this school.


If you are majoring in anything other than teaching or criminal justice do not attend. Also if you are white you will be drastically outnumbered and constantly feel out of place. Do not apply for most of the jobs on campus if you are white, or a white girl, you will not get hired. If you like studying in the library don't here, there are not enough places and people in the labs are too loud. If you don't like coffee or sports do not attend, those are two of the biggest things here unfortunately.


A person who does not like big schools should not go here.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is academically lazy, because the school work is not demanding, but the social life is good enough to distract students and keep them occupied everyday of the week.


The type of person that shouldn?t attend this school would be someone who does not attend class and expects grades to be handed to them, not achieved. In other words, a person who is not ready for college responsibilities shouldn?t attend this school. College is a place to where studying is not a suggestion; it?s really a no brainer. Self-driven studying is needed, and attending class every day and hard work naturally comes with the territory.


A very conservative, racially prejudice white person would not fit in here.


As far as Sam Houston is concerned, really anyone can attend if they have your major, and you want higher education to succeed in life with a degree. Some jobs do not require a degree, so the person really has to have a plan of what they want to do they make the decision. Sam Houston is awesome!


I person that is majoring in something like nursing shoud not attend this school. Although Sam is known predominantly for criminal justice, we do specialize in a lot of areas such as education and performing arts. However, we have not developed an Nursing program as of yet. I would recommend a school who put emphasis on the area for that kind of person.


A person who isn't willing to try, because things worth while do not come easy. Any college degree requires determination and hard work, and is completely worth the labor. If one is willing to strive, they may be willing to succeed; but without the ability of perserverance, the cause may as well be lost.


Everyone should attend this school! There is nothing at this school that cannot be done. It has a great music school and makes a good turn on the business school. It is world renown for the Criminal Justice School and the Education school is very well spoken of also. Sam Houston State University is a very diverse school and should be on everybodys list when it comes to post high school studies.


Someone seeking a high paced, intense environment should not attend Sam Houston State University as it has a more relaxed atmosphere.


I think everyone should attend school. It's so enriching, and no matter what your major, you will learn something new. Also, everyone should have a college experience. The good, and the bad.




People with financial strains.


One that is ot goal oriented and prefers t party instead of working


I think that there is a little bit of everything!


Those who are not comfortable with diversity or small towns. There are many surrounding cities, but Huntsville is a small town.


our campus is very open to any type of person... we're very accepting of any nationationality or any religion.


Someone who has issues with joining organizations. That individual won't enjoy themselves here, because organizations and the people in them make college life at SAM fantastic.


Liberals, radical, in your face troublemakers


I would say one that doesn't like to do a lot of walking and if you really like urban areas you shouldn't attend this school.


I think that the only ones, who should not attend Sam, are the ones who want to major in something that Sam does not offer! You do not have to be the average nineteen year old to attend, I cannot tell you how many people choose to continue their education at Sam. Think about it, I was sixteen years old in August 2007, my birthday is not until December, and I feel like I am at the same level as everyone else. Regardless of who you are students, professors, and staff will accept you one way or another.