Sam Houston State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how bad the parking situatuon was. There are not enough parking spots for the number of students that are enrolled. The Campus sits on top of a hill, and almost all the parking lots are at the bottom of the hill. There was one parking garage when i attended SHSU, and I wish someone would have told me to get a reserved spot.


I wish I had known about how much school work I would actually have, and how hard the papers would be.


I wish I had known that you don't have to be like everyone else to make friends. You just have to find someone with some interests because other students are new too, and looking to make new friends just as well.


The parking & advising are sub-optimal


I wish i would have known that they arent known for their school spirit. I love to where a schools color and yell like crazy at sporting events. they dont do that much here


How to get involved in clubs and what those clubs where. Some clubs I didn't even know exsisted.


I wish I would have known that the hills here were going to be a workout for you to walk to your classes everyday so I could have packed for a better set of clothing!


I wish I had known how easy it is to get involved. Sam Houston has student activities and organizations for just about everyone. All you have to do is go to meetings and try them out. As a whole, the campus is so friendly, so don't be afraid to meet knew people. However, I really wish I knew that Sam Houston is kind of a suitcase college; meaning most students leave on the weekends, so it can get dull when you are unable to go home.


I wish I would have known more about life, so that I could have made the most out of the education, resources, and opportunities.


I wish I would have known more about off-campus housing


I wish I had known about the parking situations on campus. There really aren't that many parking lots and they fill up extremely quick. You pay almost 100 dollars for a parking pass and then still have to park off campus and walk or in the parking garage and pay $5 so that really kind of stinks.


Nothing really, I love the school.


That being in a leg brace only makes things harder, and that I wish I knew more people.


That so many people would be applying and to hurry up and do my FASFA on time. Also I needed to know my major.


I wish I had enrolled in this school before attending a private math and science college up north. This school has the quality of a private university with the state college cost, and the professors here have more background and experience than that joke of a forty thousand dollar a year institution I transfered out of. Given the experience of a typical state university, students have more leeway to explore what they want to study from chemistry to literature.


When you apply for the honors college in Sam Houston and get accepted you automatically get a 10,000 dollar scholarship. That would have really helped with paying my education so far. There is many more opportunities to earn money in the school like work study or other type of organizations where you can earn scholarships.


The summer before my first semester of college was filled with lots of worrying. I had to prepare myself to move away from my home and start all over in a new place. I definitely was scared. I wish I would have known that my life was going to change but it was going to be better. Many great new friends and interesting educational experiences awaited me. I would learn to adapt to the change and would become a stronger person because of it. If i would have know this, I wouldn't have been scared, but excited.


I wish I had known how tiring it was going to be to spend all day at the school walking around to get where you need to be, as well as just how hard I needed to look and find scholarships to pay for my education.


I Transfered from another University after 1st semester as a Freshman, It just was not a good fit., even with going to the campus ,taking tours, it just was not for me. Played soccer and it was just 24/7 with the soccer team and no time to for relationships outside of soccer. They also dropped my major without saying anything. So like it or not I had to leave. I did alot of hard looking and weighing the pro and cons before deciding to attend Sam Houston. I'm glad I did.


How much AP classes help out.


I wish that I had LISTENED to the advice given to me before I came to SHSU. That asking someone when you need help understanding something can be an indicator of wether or not you pass that class. Also, that studying outside of the classroom is all dependant on what grade you want to get.


To make sure to not slack off my first year.


I wish I had known that most students do not spend the weekends in town. I also wished I had known that school spirit and school traditions are lacking here.


I wish I had know that this was a commuter school, and that to make life work out here, you need a car. You can't expect to keep a job, take care of extra-cirricular obligations, and still have time for everything else that life throws at you without a car.


that it becomes quite dead on most weekends


I wish I would have known how to go through the financial process.




The viability of the major I had chosen for myself. I ended up having to switch majors because I found that the program I was enrolled in wasn't exactly for the ends I was looking for.


Nothing. If you do not know much, it's ok because there will be people there to teach you.


I wish I had known more about a few of the professors, for learning style purposes.


I wish I had known that this school did not have a very strong Science program. I also wish I had known that I need 42 hours of upper level class credit in order to graduate. That way I would have taken a heavier class load my first two years so that I will have an easier time fulfilling the requirements I need. I also wish I had known more about my professors: which are the good ones and which are the not so great ones.


That I should buy comfortable walking shoes.


Time saving techniques. I am busy with my job, school and fraternity, and I am left with a small amounts of time to study.


The size of the small financial aid staff for such a large number of students. All of the cultural activities and groups offered on campus.