Samford University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates, being mostly in the School of the Arts, are all creative, mostly extraverted, bright, and we are a family.


My classmates are kind and caring and ready to learn about both school and life.


One wouldn't enroll in Samford for its diversity, rather you'd be attracted to the campus springing from a desire to be amidst "your own people". Pseudo frat boys wearing navy blue sport coats to class are particularly nauseating. Why is it that well scrubbed frat boys that have all of the pretense but none of the "party" are even more disgusting? Mommy has purchased each of them excellent wardrobes and sparkling late model BMWs are the norm.


My classmates are very kind and encouraging, and always willing to help me when i need it.


caring. friendly. helpful.


Samford's population is a very religious one. You can find some sort of bible study or service going on every day of the week. An overwhelming majority are right-wingers... voicing your opinion as a moderate/liberal can be hard. Plenty of fake people. Put up large fronts and act all holy... except, you know, I've seen you out drinking your weight in alcohol and hooking up with that cute Sigma Nu. Please, Samford students, get real. If you don't fit into the Samford "mold," get out.


Most of my classmates are wonderful.


As with the majority of people at Samford, they are studious, intelligent, hardworking, and relatively open and friendly.


The student body is just the right size. By the time you graduate, you will recognize most people by face, yet you will still be meeting new people. Samford students, in general, seem to be very concerned about the world, and they will support and sponsor fundraisers to change poverty, save the environment, save Darfur, etc. Whatever it is that you care about, I am sure that you will find at least 2 or 3 students that will care for the same thing. I really admire how pro-active Samford kids are about the world's problems. Over all, Samford students are very studious and athletic. The library seems to be full of people all year long, as well as the gym. You will constantly see people running around Samford, riding bikes, or playing some sport in the quad. If you want to meet people, the cafeteria is the place to go because that is the most visited place by students. Every table has its own unique flavor. It won't be hard for you to find a table where you fit in.


I have been at Samford for four years and next semester I look forward to knowing 2 students personally (one being my sister). Nearly without exception the entire student body come from an incredibly wealthy, incredibly conservative family. Normally this would not bother me but I am nearly ignored by everyone because I do not quite fit in to the rest of the nearly identical student body. If you want to fit in you will need to pick up some sunglasses, a polo, pleated khaki shorts, and a pro Bush sticker to put on your seventy thousand dollar car. I am further thought of as an outsider because I drink alcohol (legally) and am not a Christian, largely as a result of the conservative exclusive attitude of the students who fear anything slightly different from what is seen in their Bibles. If you would like to be feared for being slightly different, Samford is all for you. As far as diversity Samford makes me feel like I’m in an episode of Leave it To Beaver. If you are African American at Samford you play foot ball, without exception.


Yes many of the students are white and come from Christian homes however, the one great thing about Samford is religon is not pushed upon anyone. The school does not push it and the students don't push it on their peers. A white student with an affluent backgroud would feel comfortable at Samford, anyone else not so much. What students wear to class WOW many many of the girls dress up for class (heels, nice tops, etc,) which is very very unnessecary but they do it anyways. And the more practical students just wear jeans and greek related t-shirts. The one nice thing about the student body is a whole is yes we all have similar morals and values and hey let's just leave are dorm rooms unlocked 24/7.


While not racially, ethnically, or religiously diverse, the student body is a great mix of people from all over the country, who bring different perspectives, interests, and personalities to the table. Ive met a lot of awesome, interesting people at Samford. Its been a very encouraging environment spiritually, because I feel like Im constantly surrounded by quality/genuine accountability and fellowship and people who desire to really get to know me.


As I said earlier, the student body here has a friendly conservative Christian atmosphere. 65{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body is female so it would be a great place for a Christian guy to find a wife. Most students wear preppy clothes to class. You can find Emo people and the nerds of nerds if you look for them but that's not the norm. The Cafeteria is split into three main sections: left rows, center round tables, and right rows. The left rows are dominated by athletes and fraternities and there is one table where the band people sit. Center round tables are kind of a free for all for freshmen, sorority girls, and people who don't mind sitting somewhere new every once in a while. The right rows are mostly where the independents sit, as well as the occasional sorority table, the pharmacy table and the theater table. Keep in mind though that the college Caf is much more flexible than the average high school Caf.


I have friends from Chile, Jordan, Africa and all over the US. Some students dress up for class but most wear jeans and t-shirts. Tables in the caf: Frat boys, Sorority girls, "granola" kids, drama kids.


The student body tends toward Christian Caucasian students. There quite a bit of African-American students (I am one), and a few other religions. Many students' parents have money...some don't, and I know many students here on sports scholarships. They seem not to want to give out scholarship money quickly or to many types of people. Most students seem to be very conservative, but not all of us. There are many groups on campus for just about anything. Some students dress up for class; some don't. I can't see anyone being blatantly out of place here... short, tall, skinny, plump... on a whole scale we accept everyone as they are. You'll always have people who are racist though...or are otherwise discriminatory.


The student body tends toward Christian Caucasian students. There quite a bit of African-American students (I am one), and a few other religions. Many students' parents have money...some don't, and I know many students here on sports scholarships. They seem not to want to give out scholarship money quickly or to many types of people. Most students seem to be very conservative, but not all of us. There are many groups on campus for just about anything. Some students dress up for class; some don't. I can't see anyone being blatantly out of place here... short, tall, skinny, plump... on a whole scale we accept everyone as they are. You'll always have people who are racist though...or are otherwise discriminatory.


I think someone who falls into the LGBT category would feel out of place here. Students wear all sorts of things to class. It is very casual, yet a good number of girls choose to dress to the nines for class which I find very strange and unnecessary. T-shirts, khaki shorts, collared polos for guys mostly. Jeans of course for all. Chacos and Rainbows are typical footwear. T-shirts, shorts, blouses, dresses, etc. for girls. I will say you can tell when Spring arrives because it seems like all the girls start wearing as little clothing as possible.


It's no secret that Samford has a bit of a minority problem. In the 2007-2008 school, according to official Samford statistics, 87{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the Samford population was white, with just under 7{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} black and 1{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} Hispanic. This doesn't exactly fit the demographics of the state. Also, just under 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students are Baptist, while the rest of the students come from other Christian denominations. The number of students reporting no religious affiliation: 2. Homophobia is rampant at Samford, and there is no LGBT organization in existence at the school. However, Samford did recently change its "code of values," which gave a values violation and $50 fine to those who committed acts such as rape or "homosexual acts." Now, the handbook simply says heterosexual/homosexual sex is not allowed on campus, though this isn't exactly a "gays welcome" sign. Over 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of undergraduate students are female, which seems to be in line with national trends. Most of the students seem to be from upper-middle class households. Additionally, according to Facebook, the vast, vast majority of Samford students are "conservative" or "very conservative." The news isn't completely bad. Most students do NOT hail from Alabama - only a quarter of the students do, actually. I've made friends from literally all over the world at Samford. And let me reiterate something I said about the Samford stereotypes - they're mostly true, but there is diversity on campus if you look for it, and most students are more tolerant than you might expect.


Most students at Samford are from the Southeast, but with a lot of other locations mixed in. Most of them are conservative, Republicans but you will notice with the juniors and seniors many tend to be more moderate/liberal and very much Democrats. People wear everything from pajamas to work out clothes to stilettos and pearls to class. It just depends on the person, but literally every class will have at least one girl who always dresses up and one person who always just rolled out of bed. Most people fall somewhere in between.


LGBT, unless you're a music major, you should turn away from Samford. Samford students do not accept non-heterosexual people. I believe you should be able to be free, and you will be better able to do that at another school. If you hold beliefs that condradict traditional doctrines, you can get along here, but make it a point to know how you're talking to before you start a theological conversation. It can be difficult to find a group of friends. Some groups are very clickish, but there are free students out there. You just have to look for them. Students don't normally group by major except for a few majors like music, theatre, and art. There might be others.


There is a wide range of students on samford's campus. I feel that I have been exposed to many different cultures while at Samford and its really cool to see that everyone is friends here. Not just each group sticking together. Samford students are from all over the United States and even from other countries. I had a good friend this year from England. Students at Samford are very politically aware. We have college republicans and democrats that campaign for different political candidates and Mike Huckabee came to speak at our school.


Most Samford students are white, upper middle class Southerners. However, those who do not fit this description are also welcomed.


Samford tends to be predominately white, protestant, and upper-middle class +.


There is not much diversity at Samford which sucks. A lot of people seem to be sheltered so it's sad and funny at the same time. Most students are very politically aware and are more right-wing or in the middle. Most come from predominantly wealthy families. Students talk about what they learn a lot. It's not in a nerdy or excessive way but we share what we're learning. A lot of what we share is what God's teaching us in life or what we're struggling with, or at least with best friends. People love to go to lectures and extend their knowledge. In the caf, as we call it, you have the jocks, the Sigma Chis, the Pi Kapps, the sorority girls, the theater people, and then kind of the rest. Some girls get really dressed up for class but mainly it's casual. Most people don't just roll out of bed though. People actually get ready for class. Most students are from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Texas.


students are predominantly right.


Most Samford students probably come from a middle class to upper class background. Politics is a big deal an I'd say for the most part most students are politically aware. I've actually seen several cars painted "Obama sucks" "Vote for McCain". It can be intense. With me being a minority, I've had some racial experiences. I don't necessarily think it came from an evil heart. It's just a sort of ignorace to other races. By no means does this serve as a generalization of the entire population. From my own experience, I've had a few comments and situations happen that weren't the most comfortable. I think it stems from a lack of knowledge about those who are not like you. If I could classify Samford into 4 groups you'd have: The Greeks: They're always dressed up it seems. They're always going to balls, and they are intense about Durby Days. Step sing is the big showdown for each sorority and fraternity. It's a pretty BIG deal. The Athletes: Most of the athletes stick together. Each sport hangs with their teammates. It can be generalized that they bring the "life" to campus an make life a bit more interesting and fun. The regular students: People who are not greek or athletes. They come in call shapes and sizes. What else can I say? The Nursing Majors: SOmeone get them some ATIVAN!!!! They are in a class of their own. I can say this because I am apart of this group.


There is almost no diversity on Samford's campus...majority is white rich kids. Many girls dress up in heals and dresses to class every day! Athletes always wear sweatpants. Sometimes frat guys wear suites to class. The majority of students are very right winged republicans and are very southern.


Unorganized, care-free, not passionate, content with mediocrity, segregated by race and cool kids.


About 4,700 students, with 2,800 undergraduates that is 63{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} female and representing every state.