Samford University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Samford is definitely best known for the beautiful campus. No matter how hot or cold the season is, there is always something beautfiul to see on campus. We often make fun of the unrealistically green grass that manages to keep the same color year-round, but in reality we are extremely grateful for our beautiful campus.


The first response of people to my school is ?Oh that?s that Christian school right?? My school, although nationally ranked for its academics, is most known for its association with the Southern Baptist convention. This connection has hold on most aspects of campus life from fraternities and sororities to the prominent presence of student ministries.


There are many words to describe Samford. To pick a few of its legacies, the school is mostly prided on its Christian ethics and personable atmosphere. The learning environment is also considered ideal because of the small class sizes, many resources, and trustworthy professors.


It's known for it's academic prestige and religious affiliations. My school is one of the best private schools in the South, and was ranked 27th out of all national universities according to Forbes magazine. The coursework is challenging, but the emphasis on other activities - especially community outreach - is also great. There are numerous programs and organizations for students to become involved in, and many students choose to spend their time in this way. The productivity of this school through its students is truly commendable.


Samford is known for being a Baptist academic school. It has a law school, a divinity school, a nursing program, an education school, a business school and a pharmacy school. It is known best for being an academic Christian school that attracts students who are serious about their education, enjoy outdoors, care about the enviornment, and are serious about their religion.


Beautiful campus, friendly people, Christian focus.


Samford University is famous for its Pharmacy and Nursing programs. The business, education, and art departments are famous as well. Students that go here are proud to be students of this university and know that when they leave they will have good job offers.


My school is most well-known for its professional schools, including its law school, nursing school, school of education, and pharmacy school. It is also well-known for the beauty of its campus and the supposed high-quality of education. Another commonly known quality of Samford Unversity is the lack of diversity on its campus and the predomination of white, upper class students.


Samford is known for its beautiful and well- manicured campus. It is one of the many reasons most students attend. The trees, and the Georgian architecture are breathtaking. It is an excellent environment in which to relax, study and socialize with your friends.