Samford University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I share with my friends that Samford University is a Christian University where the worth and success of each student is sought after and emphasized by the staff and faculty. I truly felt that I recieved the attention from each of my professors that was necessary for me to be successful.


I loved the small classroom setting and the fact that all the professors had to have office hours. This allowed to students an opportunity to have help and know when the professors were available. The financial aid and loan offices were amazing in explaining the process of things and helping me and my family with all the paperwork and deadlines. Everyone I came in contact with were wonderful and extremely helpful and honest. Wonderful experience.


Samford students build strong relationships with eachother without having alcohol as the center of the relationship.


I bag about how great the people are and how friendly. I love how the teachers really want to get to know you and there are so many ways to get involved on campus. There are so many programs where you can get involved with community service, or anything that interests you. There are many christian groups that really help and encourage you to explore what you believe. The classes are helpful and the programs are some of the topped rank in the country.


The most appealing part of my campus is how beautiful it is. With the well-manicured lawns, coordinating brick buildings, stone staircases, and flawless open quad, there really isn't a campus more aethetically pleasing than Samford University. After I brag about that, I tell everyone about how easy it is to get help from my teachers, and how accomodating they are, as far as making up work goes. I emphasize the availability of personal attention.


the beautiful campus and Step-Sing


It's a great school that offers a diverse education. Though rigor of the courses are very demanding, I would not change it for the world. By having demanding courses and professors, I think toatlly out of the box. As a result, I am learning and expanding my knowlege on that particular subject.


Everyone cares about you. you are not a number. Our campus is beautiful


The relationships I have built with my professors and how much they care about me and know me. Also the true sense of a community we have here. You will find your place and yourself here - even if you struggle at first to find it.