Samford University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Wealthy sons and daughters of southern elitists. Greek life exudes all of the haughtiness of typical frats, minus the fun. When the delicate young women open their white doves are likely to flitter out.


White, conservative, rich preppy Christian girls.


sheltered, baptist, over-achiever,smart


That Samford students are very rich and very religious, that the girls are very pretty, that Samford people don't date, but somehow they all get engaged by the time they graduate and that Samford is not very diverse.


Samford has become rather well know very well as being completely covered by the Samford “bubble”.


Its one big country club with a bunch of rich kids


We all live in the "samford bubble". we are all wealthy white middle/upper class individuals.


All Christian, white, rich, preppy (fraternity/sorority-type people)


Some see Samford as a conservative WASP breeding ground dominated by Greek Life and the Republican Party.


Preppy, white, rich kids. Stuck up. Sheltered.


Stereotypes are that we're all stuck-up, rich snobs that always get our way from mommy and daddy...and always get money from mommy and daddy.


Stereotypes are that we're all stuck-up, rich snobs that always get our way from mommy and daddy...and always get money from mommy and daddy.


Preppy, white, rich kids, small, strict rules


The stereotype about Samford students is that they're all rich, white, and Southern Baptist. Samford is definitely not considered to be the biggest party school out there, and, being in Alabama, it's thought to be pretty conservative.


That Samford is a place for white, upper-middle class kids who are all perfect Christians, who only play the guitar if singing worship songs, who only spend Spring Break on mission projects, and who don't have to pay for anything because their parents cover any expense.


One of the stereotypes about Samford is there is a curfew time to be back on campus at night. Another is that Samford students live in a bubble protected from the "outside" world. People think that Samford students are very smart.


Samford students are fundamentalist Christians who are intolerant of other people.


A bunch of rich kids. "Daddy" does everything. We live in a bubble.


That it is a "Christian School", that because of its Baptist roots, if you aren't religious you probably shouldn't attend.


Some stereotypes are that students are close-minded, rich, conservative, republican, Southern Baptist and sheltered. Positive stereotypes are that students are smart, pretty, charitable and driven.


Samford Students tend to be white, anglo-saxon, protestants. Also, they tend to come from well off families


Some: -Overcommitted - aka - Intense Resume Builders -Mamas' Boys and Daddys' Girls -Kids within the Bubble


Everyone is a Christian. It's a bunch of white rich kids. Nobody parties.


everyone is friendly and outgoing, close-knit campus, the girls are beautiful, some people come here to find a spouse


I think most people who think Samford is a community that produces perfect little christian and that we live the most perfect and Godly little lives. I think people would be surprised at the level of ungodliness from students, to faculty even to the administration. There are unbelievers every where you go, including Samford. Also, the culture here at Samford says, you must be married before you graduate. For some reason, it's a lot of pressure to be married. Marriage occurs at different times and different people's walk of life. It doesn't have to happen during college!


They are extremely rich, religious and preppy


Naive and scared


Samford students socially come from underneath a rock. The students have a holy-ier than thou attitude. Dont come here if you want to have a good time in college and not be miserable. The professors will not bat an eye at failing half the class.


All students are good christian people who never do wrong. All the girls here get dressed up for classes and are very sheltered, a lot have never been kissed. The girls are very up tight and prissy.


That everyone is a White, Southern boy or gal who is the child of a Baptist minister. That everyone is a closet drinker. That the university is the Ivy League of the South


Many people believe that we are all a bunch of "Bible-beaters". We often hear that we live in what is called the Samford "bubble".