Samford University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?

John David

A traditionally conservative Christian who thrives in small classroom settings and is passionate about the Liberal Arts. Faculty to student ratio is great with professors energetic for one-on-one conversation. Samford is a place that enables individuals to flourish in their interest, and the faculty are accessible to provide you the tools.


If you enjoy a smaller campus with beautiful architecture and trees and a medium-sized student body, you should definitely visit. If you enjoy smaller classroom sizes, discussions, and learning a broad range of subjects, definitely apply.


If you are open to experiencing new things and meeting a variety of people then Samford is the best place to do it. This is a place for you to explore faith, feelings, and what you want out of life. If what you want out of college is new people and places then you should attend Samford.


With my experience, i would recommend Samford University to any student. The school is very selective and take less than 900 students a year. You have to be in great academic standing in high school and have a great Gpa. The person has to be serious and committed to the coursework because it is not easy. The person has to be responsible and show come community service hours. Mostly the people that attended Samford this year were in the top fifteen percent of their class in high school. But that shouldn't stop a person from applying.


Extremely conservative and religious. This school is not for someone who would like a big school experience.


Someone who attends this school should be intentional about getting the most out of their college experience, both in academics and social life. One would need to be able to study hard and balance all the things this school has to offer in their organizations and extracurricular activities. There are so many opportunities to meet people and form relationships, but it does take some effort to mold these relationships into life-long. In order to fully appreciate Samford, students have to be willing to work hard in all aspects of their lives.


Conservative, middle to upperclass, outgoing, social, people who appreciate arts and cultures. Someone who does fairly well in school and takes pride in their schoolwork. Not for "party" college students, although there are some that do well here. Someone who values their religious beliefs. Friendly and energetic people. People who like to meet others and start new friendships. World travelers, and mission oriented people. Someone looking for a small, "everybody knows your name" kind of school. Southern gentlemen.


Someone who cares about his or her education, is willing to work hard, and is looking for a strong group of friends will thrive at Samford. Students who like to party would not do well at this school.


A student at Samford University should have a strong desire to succeed in the world. He should be a self-starter - someone who is able to get up and go to class on a regular basis and be held responsible for whether his math homework is done or not. A Samford student should be outgoing, so that he can make friends easily, and willing to get involved in campus activities. This person probably comes from an upper-middle class family and may likely have previous ties to Samford.


People who want strong study abroad programs; a school in which professors get to know students and encourage scholarship, citizenship, and service; a place that is near a city but not right downtown


Wanting a challenge with a Christian atmosphere but still a liberal arts education


Samford is a college for anyone who thrives in a small school environment. It is a place where you can easily make friends and enjoy your academic studies. It is also a good choice for anyone who desires to grow and be challenged in their faith.


A person who is committed to their education and is willing to work hard. Also, this should be a type of person who is willing to think outside the box, who knows what they want, what they believe, and why they want or believe these things.