Samford University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the community that continues in and out of the classroom. The challenging honors program helps you to meet like-minded students, and there are many different groups and organizations on campus to choose from despite its small size.


The small class sizes are the best thing at my college. The classes so far are at a maximum of about 25 people and the professor actually gets to know you, at other colleges such as Auburn or Alabama, you are just another number in the class roster.


The best thing about Samford is its environment. The campus is so different from many others--e.g., alcohol is not allowed on campus. It's not a typical party school, but we all seem to have lots of fun anyway! To me, Samford is like a breath of fresh air. We're unique; we don't just blindly follow what "everyone" does.


One does not need to worry about large parties or safety around campus.


THe friendliness from just about everybody that you meet. The campus is just so inviting to be on and study areas everywhere!


The best thing about my school is the community of friends that I have made. They are my support and my source of encouragement. They make learning fun because they challenge me to do my best and we all study for tests and major projects together. Socially, academically and spiritually they are the best things about my school.


The friendly and helpful professors and the music program, especially marching band. The journalism classes were my favorite courses while in attendance as well.


I like the size and how the students all get along pretty well. It has a real college campus environment and it's nice.


The best thing is definitely the people on campus. They are all friendly and are willing to help out at any time. They are the friends you would have for a lifetime. Next I would say the professors in your specific department who really take time to invest in you.


Personally I think the best thing about Samford is all of the ways to get involved. You don't have to be greek to make friends or volunteer. There are organizations for every interest! From leadership positions with SGA to band to University Ministries, there is a place for everyone to plug in.


We are a close knit school with lots of opportunities. Our faculty cares about the students and our campus is beautiful.


The atmosphere, safe, and beautiful.