San Antonio College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Being a community college, there is certainly a diverse group of people here as students. I've got classmates fresh out of high school, attending their first year of college, and I've had classmates who are just now going back to school after having raised their families.


my classmates are friendly and helpful.


We are all of different ages and ethnicities. Most of the students in my classes seem driven, dedicated, and responsible.


They are all very friendly and eager to learn, most are willing to help each other out if we need it too.


I take online classes. The students chat through our online class website. It is very sad to read submissions from other students who cannot spell, cannot type, and generally don't stop to review their comments before posting the replies. Also, I took full-time classes in 2002 on campus. The students were extremely shallow and it was like high school all over again. Generally, those students were not there to learn and it put enormous pressure on me, as a single parent with a part time job, to bear the total burden of group projects.


My classmates are very friendly and everyone helps out one another.


There are a big variety of people when it comes to classmates. There are people who are attending this school who aren't from San Antonio and I like that because you meet people with different backgrounds and they have interesting things sometimes. Also you get different perspectives and you can learn things you may not have known from classmates.


Every one goes to SAC from age 17 to probley 70. Every one seems eager to learn and comes form all ethnicities and backgrounds.


I attend class with a mother, a brother, a sister, a father, the rookie, the retired, men and women currently serving our great nation, the jock, a princess, an aspiring artist, the rockstar, an advocate for world peace, all of which are driven to pursue a higher education.


My classmates are encouraging, funny, and supportive in helping you succeed.


My fellow classmates are basically two words absolutely amazing ,i see them and i see so much enthusiasm in their eyes and words.


My classmates everyday you learn something new from my classmates. I learn about not only thier religion but their family background, the different thoughts due to political differences.


I was scared starting college at 46, but all my classmates have been very helpful and friendly.

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