San Antonio College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for being directly near the city and how many ethnicites there are.


SAC is best known for its radio station, KSYM 90.1. Hands down the best college radio station in Texas! San Antonio College is the most notable community college in the San Antonio metropolitan area. When asked, "Where do you go to school?" and I reply SAC, nearly everyone I have encountered responds by saying, "I love SAC!" Whats not to love, a great location, a beautiful campus, and wonderful professors. The icing on the cake is KSYM "your only alternative."


San Antonio College is best known for the nursing education offered. Although the nursing field is a great one here at I rather stick to criminal justice. The professors here are great.


I don't know what it's best known for. I don't really think it's known for anything specifically. Although I'm slightly biased in saying we have a wonderful choir.


My school is known "San Pedro High" because of it's similarity to most high schools in San Antonio.


My school is best know for the professors. The professors give upbeat and interesting lectures, and are always looking for the classes input to make sure they comprehend. The professors are always willing to chat with a student. Be it after class or in office hours, the helpful professor will always take time out to talk to the student about the given subject, college matters or life . The professors understand how stressful testing can be and is only interested in seeing whther or not the student grasped the fact presented to them.

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