San Antonio College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


What i brag about most when i tell my friends about my school is that im not in a class with 300 other students so im able to actually talk to my professors if need be. While my friends always have trouble contacting there professors


I do not really see anything to brag about, I find the college I attend to be very standard in that it is more of a "go to school, do any extracurricular you might attend, go home" ordeal. I do not find any ties to this school that would call for bragging.


The many opportunities it offers as a community college. There are clubs, organizations, volunteer opportunities, tutoring labs, and so much more.


Whenever I talk about San Antonio College I never fail to mention the character of our students. Both inside and outside the classroom, working class men and women of all ages and both sexes struggling to educate themselves. I consider it an honor to be in a class with ex-convicts, young mothers returning to school, and tradesmen who must adapt to survive. They have families to care for, dreams rekindled, and loved ones to succeed for. They contradict the Prestige, and defend the universal, everburning light of education. Changing the world with every underdog who enrolls.


I tell them about how my campus has a feel to it that's similair to a university's but the classes are much more intimate than that of a university's. It's the best of both worlds!


I tell my friends about the teachers and students there.


The fact that i am attedning school and I feel that I am making a difference in my life.


When I explain my school to my family or friends, I usually talk about the clean campus and the overall good learning enviorment.

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