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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Hey younger self,Take the plcement exam seriously there is no reason for us to be takng remedial classes we dont need! DO NOT get comfortable your first 2 years at community college even though you met a few good friends over the years I dont want you to realize too late how important education is. Your going to end up becoming and advertising major so dont waste your time trying to be a business major when you know good and well you HATE MATH! You will eventually get a car, i know its going to take forever for you to get the car but trust me you didnt need a car at this time anyway. Your going to eventually get a job, as bad as we didnt want one but you will love it/hate it. Above all else stay patient live your life and never stay stagnant strive for better.


Well, at the time, I absolutley hated academics, and didn't work nearly as hard as I do now that I'm past my 20's and going back to school. I'd tell myself that college math and science classes are supposed to be hard, but they're not so bad. Especially considering that you won't be struggling as much as other people, or there will be others who will find it rough just like you. But, if you band together and relate to them and you guys help eachother out, you'll be just fine. I would tell myself of all of the opportunities available, as well as scholarships, but that the only way to get to them is through hard work. I'd tell myself that college will be tough, but it is well worth the effort. I'd also say that it can be alot of fun, if you just relax and go out and meet people. Get involved in a club or two. Above all, I would remind myself to never quit. I did drop out for ten years, and I'd warn myself to not make that mistake.


If i had the chance to talk to my senior self, I would tell myself, don't worry. The whole guilt and panic you felt from wanting to change your major isn't that big a deal. It's okay to change your major. It doesn't mean you're goofing around, wanting to explore different options just means you're taking this whole college thing seriously. Also you're smart and don't doubt yourself so much. You are on the right track and you always end up where you need to be at the time you are meant to be.


If I could go back in time to give advice to my high school senior self, I would definitely tell myself to make studying a habit. I would tell myself to read more books to train myself for the ample reading assignments I will recieve in the future. I would also tell my highschool self to branch out into making friends outside of school in order to reinforce some simple communcation skills such as self introduction. Expanding on communication, I would warn my highschool self of group projects and let him know to make sure everybody does their fair share of work. My highschool self would be told to make sure that I ask questions and ask the teacher for help that way, later on, I would feel the need to visit my professor in their office hours. Overall, I think I would make sure to tip my highschool self off to developmental skills that I would use indefinitely, making sure that I can function on my own as a student and be able to collaborate with others or simply ask for help. This is the advice that I would give to my old highschool self.


Apply for as many scholarships as possible, dont wait at the last mintue. Have an idea of what you want to study in and find out what is need to take in colleges and also apply for financial aid but my luck i didnt recieve anything.


Dear Tiffany, always have hope and follow the dream that you wanted for yourself. Don't do what your parents thought was best for you because they didn't support your dreams. Just because it's senior year doesn't mean you can take a break from all the tests and exams that you dreaded at the end of the year. Go and see your advisor that you said you would talk to last year, but never did. Be upfront and tell her where you want to go to school at and what you need to do in order to win scholarships. Don't beat yourself up because you said it was too late to start. It's never too late to follow your dreams. It's only too late when you decide to give up. Become the person that you said you could see yourself become in 10 years. Don't listen to others who are going to put you down or say 'maybe next time you'll get it right.' Time is happening now and it can all change in a matter of seconds, minutes, or days. Please don't give up on yourself, Tiffany, always stay positive.


Knowing now about college life and making the transition, I would advice myself to apply early to a four-year universitiy. As grateful as I am to be enrolled at San Antonio College, I missed the chance to experience the four-year university vibe as a freshman. I got scared by the financial aspect and failed to apply early. I would also tell myself to work on my time management skills, which at the time were almost non-existent. I would tell myself to pay more attention in my math classes, because they would have helped me in my current math class. I would also tell myself to take advantage of the numerous scholarships offered out there and apply for them! As much fun as I had in high school, I would finally tell myself to learn to prioritize and learn to be more responsible.


Well, if I could go back in time and tell my past self-something related to the process of transitioning from high school to college. I would give advice telling myself about all the different locations on college campus. For example,the library where you could rent books for your classes, and where you happen to get your laptop fixed if it ends up crashing. Where to get the cheapest books, how to know beforehand, what specific books you will need for class. Instruct myself and probably make myself wright down how it is the right process to register and get the right classes at the right college and not online. Also, to not care what other people say about college, college is a wonderful experience, but to not do any of the other activities such as partying with your friends or boyfriend. To really focus on your school work because that is really all that matters, if you want to be a Registered Nurse and also travel the world. To also, follow your heart in difficult situation and not your mind, most of the time your head is wrong.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself about how because there is nobody to regulate my time I must learn to manage my time better and ensure I that I do get the help I need if I am struggling in classes.


Cautiously, I would face the timid liberal and begin; "Do not be idle young man, do not be frivolous, the work you have put in pales in comparison to what still must be done. Not simply regarding your studies, but your duties; as a citizen of the world. Your duties are to be learned; to be the accomplishment of a generation of immigrants. To be aware, to see on any side of this shrinking world that there is suffering. And to be active: this world is changed by timeless suffering, this world is far from perfect. Now the journey begins."


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to follow what I really love and do not give into the pressures put on me by other people. I was always pressured into pursuing something in the medical field because of the money that it supplies in the long run and I wasted a semester and a half of college pursuing something I did not have a complete love for. I eventually realized that I needed to pursue what I love in order to be happy. Even though becoming a history teacher isn't going to put me in a mansion, it will make me so much more happier. I would also tell my senior self that I should take it easy and go to a community college instead of a University. I always thought that Community College was where people went who were not so smart or were going back to school. During my time in a University, I realized that Community College would prepare me for a University and would help with my financial issues so I transfered to a Community College.


I would tell myself to enter college with an open mind. High school is fun, but college is a completely different playing field. When you're handed that high school diploma, you're not just getting a certificate of completion, you're also getting a new sense of freedom. Although you will want to use all of that new freedom to hang out with friends or travel around, it is crucial to find a balance between work and play. Always keep your heart open in your duration at school. Don't be afraid to experience new things. Work hard, take risks and most importantly have fun!


Ive learned to be more responsible, To manage time wisely, and to take education seriously. A high school diplima now in days isnt enough, and ofcourse having a degree doesnt assure a well set job, but at time its not about the money, its about knowledge. the more knowledge you have the more power, not in strenghth but more of mental power. call me silly but thats what i think.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself many words of advice. I would first tell myself not to stress out over the little things in life. This first year of college alone has taught me that as long as I try my best, everything will be just fine. I would tell myself that just because everything doesn't work out the way it may have been planned, the world will really not come to an end! I would also tell myself to focus on what I love. I recently switched my major to Early Childhood Education with Special Education from Business. I have learned that I should do something in life that will make me happy everyday rather than earn a wonderful salary in a miserable business, and not to do something if it doesn't fit me.


I think there isn`t much that i could have said to myself. fortunatly, i have always been a good student, good at doing homework, great at researching any topic , respectful to my teachers and classmates. i believe that this makes it easier once u move to another level and other wold of education which is represented by the college life. i think if a person is used to challeges, and hard work, his or her path later will be easier.


The most important advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be to focus on setting goals for my education. When looking at schools, I gave up. I did not find a major I was interested in. I gave up. I would also say to not listen to my parents. Right about the time I was looking at schools my parents became embroiled in an ugly and bitter divorce. I was told point blank that there was no money for me to go to school. In 1992 there were not any online scholarship websites. The information was not forced upon us and I was too ignorant to know to ask. That is all I needed to become completely discouraged. So self, without any goals, much less clearly defined ones, you would become sidetracked and then end up as a single parent, depressed, and overworked with no time to pursue a degree. Do not give up! Your parents did not know anything about college, having never been themselves. It takes more than money to get what you want, but you have to know what it is you want! DO NOT GIVE UP!


If I was able to talk to myself during my high school senior year, I would have said that ever with all the work and extra time that college demands, that it is something that is only going to help me later on. I have spent the last two years trying to figure out my major, and now that I have settled on Anthropology, I would have let myself know, saving two years of confusion and worry. However, that would only be a small part of the conversation, the main information I would have given myself is, college takes a lot of learning out of the class, and though there is help, most of the learning comes from your own time and determination. There is so many things that I would love to tell myself about the next two years, but I believe that the conversation about the time management would be the most useful to the high school version of me. With that information, I know that the transition into college would be even easier than before, and would save much unneeded worry.


Have fun but stay focused, get your priorities straightend out and don't procrastinate. Get as may scholarships as you can and start off your college journey right. Don't be afraid to turn down your friends for something else like working or doing homework. Take extra academic classes if possible and join an extracurricular activity. Apply to as many schools as you can but, make sure you'll consider going there first. Save your money unless you absolutely need to make a purchase.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making that transition, the advice I would have given myself in high school would be, to have a focus and plan ahead. I now realize that without a focus limited amounts of progress are made. While with a focus it's easier to measure your progress and visualize the goal. It is beneficial to have a goal, but to also have a plan to get there. The plan you created may not always work out the way you wanted, but at least you have a foundation. Then if that plan does not succeed, you should always have an alternative. The three main components for success are Vision+ Action+ Faith= Success. The components are different for every person, but generally having a vision, taking action to get there, and believing in that vision will bring you closer to it. Whereas, relying on faith alone will not bring you any closer to your goal. That is where I went wrong because, I believed everything would just happen for me, without action or planning. Overall, it's better to have a plan and a direction, then to choice a direction and have no plan.


After attending a year of college, i discover lots of amazing things. From the campus and the student body, I was able to see other side of life. People who have the same desire and ambition like myself. I would teel myself that college is way different that you could image. College experince reakky changes the way you think and act with others. the networks that you build in college can go a long way in life. The feeling of accomplishing a goal is something you can only feel in college. Walking everyday in front of the building and knowing that one day you will have your diploma is something that not that many people can say. Going to college is where your mind is set free. Becoming the first member of your family to gradute is very unique. The feeling of knowing that everyone in your family, friends, and people you meet tat all of them are proud of you is a great feeling to have. So go to college and experince something that not many can say the have. Earn good grade so you can get scholarships for your tution and other college materials.


Time will go by regardless if you want it to stop. Keep your goals close, and your distractions far away. Study and love what you do and not what people tell you, is the best to do. Start something that you will know that you will finish. Excuses will only slow you down, so keep running forward because running in place will not get you nowhere. Remember to keep friends that are goal oriented and not the ones that will drag you down. Learn as much as possible and have fun at the same time. Achievment is more exciting when you know you put your whole heart into it. Real significant others are the ones who will praise you the whole way, and not discourage you. Take time for yourself and find your way of completing things. Ask questions and do not be intimidated by hard ones. Most of all, love life and everything that is in it, because this is your own time to shine!!!!


I would definitely tell myself to work harder and be more focused. I want to be a translator and I speak a few different languages right now (spanish, japanese, korean, french) but if Icould talk to myself back then I would have told myself to work on the flaws in my speaking different languages so I would be better prepared.


I got into my dream college but I could'nt afford to go because I was the senior who didn't know how the financial aid process worked step by step. If I could time travel back into my senior year I would have taken my quest for funding my dream education way more seriouse. I WOULD HAVE ASKED FOR HELP FROM ANY ONE WHO COULD PROVIDE IT. Yet to be honest, I would'nt want to go back into time beacause I feel that the mistakes I made my senior year have made me the stronger and more informed person I am today.


We all learn from our mistakes. But what if we had an advantage and knew the consequences and the paths we needed to take during college life? Well, if I could go back as a senior in high school, I would definitely give myself advice to help me with my college life. Some advice I would give myself is to save money for college and try to get as many scholarships available. With scholarships, you get free money by applying and maybe writing an essay. You can never have too many scholarships to help out with school. One other major piece of advice I would give myself, is to study as much as possible. In college, you have to learn to do things on your own. One final huge piece of advice I would give myself, would be to figure out what you want to do with your life. Plan out the future so you know what classes to take, what schools will offer the degree that you want, and just start out early.


Dear Kristian, Everything is going to be alright. Take one day at a time and with each and every door you walk through wear a smile and say hello because "beautiful people say hello." Remember : "It's all about NETWORKING." You never know what the face behind the mask is capable of, or who your guide on the path to success is going to be. Surround yourself with positivity and prestige on a daily basis. Commit yourself to extracurricular activities that you are passionate about and stick to those commitments. Assume the role of leadership, this builds character and discipline. Remember: "It's all about TIME MANAGEMENT." With that being said, stop procrastinating, start applying for scholarships ASAP! Scholarships = Free $$$ for college! The more you learn, the more you earn. On the road to success, be sure to stop and celebrate your victories, no matter how small. Reward yourself and most importantly maintain both your grades and your health as well. Eat healthy, exercise and get some sleep! Occasionally you are going to have to pull all nighters, but don?t worry the 'A' will be worth every minute of it. Stay genuine, Kristian Browning


As a high schhol senior I would tell myself to focus in class and meet the deadlines. I would push myself to study harder for test and quizzes and not take for granted the many chances the teachers would allow us to make up assignment, not in college. Get used to studying at all times because you never know when a test or quiz will be given. I would advice myself to be more open to the teachers and ask questions and be more involved in class disscussion. Be quick at taking notes and if I did not catch something not to be afraid to ask the teacher/professor to repeat it once more. I would have to learn to be independent becasue in college there is no "bell" to tell you when to go to your classes or if you are already running late. I would try to be a more on-time student and not be late to class because in college you are only allowed a few tardies before being dropped from your class even if you did pay for it.


If I was allowed to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, there are several pieces of advice I would give myself. First, I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible. You can never have too much financial aid to assist you in college. Books, supplies, tuition, extra-curriculars, room, and board are becoming increasily expensive. Second, I would advise myself to take only as many classes as I could handle and not to overload myself. Every class is important and you must dedicated as much time as necessary to complete the work distributed by your professor. The more difficult the class the more time you must dedicate. In semesters where you have difficult classes, its a good idea not to take as many classes as you normally would. The last piece of advice I'd give myself is to make sure you know how to navigate the campus and be familiar with where your classes are before the first day of class. This prevents any embarrassment from being late on the first day of class.


Dear Self, Wake up and start moving! Just because graduation is months away does not mean your off the hook yet, you still have college to worry about. Get out of your slack off elective classes and join some duel credit classes. Also join anatomy, after all your going to need it since your going to be a veterinarian. Challenge yourself, go the extra mile. You'll have a whole summer to yourself to do nothing, do nothing then. Don't forget to fill out your FAFSA, oh and sign up for grants and scholarships. They come in handy when mom's too broke to help you out. Don't just think tuition either, take into consideration that some of your textbooks cost more then your class. Please work hard and stay focused. Make sure you have as little worries as possible when your first college semester starts. Believe me, you'll have more worries when the lessons start. Be prepared and don't take the easy road out. You have a long road ahead of you so make it as comfortable as possible by preparing yourself for it. Remember you can never be too prepared! Good Luck.


Well hello, it's wonderful to see you again Lil. You seem to be ready for college, aren't you? Or at least you think you are. There are a few things you should know about college and the huge difference as compared to high school. Lil you have to learn to manage you time in every way possible. By this I mean, buy a planner and write every class you have, tests, final exams and anything you have to work around. Take advantage of every free moment to study, prepare, read your textbooks, and organize your notes. These notes will help you on your finals and exams between then. Set your prorities, remember college has to come before parties and gatherings. You should also be positive in everything. A good attitude will help you reach your goal and reach for the stars. In college remember that you are an adult and have to be responsible for your work and time. You don't have a babysitter reminding you to turn in your work and study. It is do or die in college and you want to earn your degree and go on to find a great career. Good luck!


In high school I was careless about my work to say the least. I spent most of my time skipping class and hanging out with my friends while my grades suffered severely. My senior year I withdrew myself first semester after deciding that graduating would take too much effort. The second semester I decided to go to a non-traditional high school to make up the rest of my credits. I ended up completing my degree plan with the bare minimum necessary to graduate. If I could go back in time I would tell myself that high school really does effect the rest of your life immensely. After seeing all my friends go away to college and succeeding it made me want that for myself because I knew if I had made more of an effort I would be applying to colleges and obtaining scholarships instead of doing the same coursework over again due to non-credit. The most important thing I've learned in college is that going to school is a privilege not an obligation and with hard work come life-long benefits. Going to college is the best decision I've ever made.


Listen alot better to the teacher's and my parents. Attend school with an open mind and make the best out of each day. Treat each person equaly.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself during my senior year of high school I would tell myself that it is a major life change. There are so many different things that I would say to myself. One would be that there aren't any second chances; the professors aren't as forgiving as high school teachers as far as late work and grading. Make sure to stay on top of your work and STUDY!! Also, making friends with your professor never hurts; you never know how you are going to do in the class, so they might be able to help you out in the end if you're on the fence with your grade. Having a study group is also a great idea. Find people in your classes to study with and that will help a lot. They can help you look at things differently, and maybe help you remember them better. GOOD LUCK!!


The first thing I would have told myself is to prepare for the worst and have a backup plan. I also would have told myself to not procrastinate on any of my applications because that put me at a disadvantage, especially when I ended up missing deadlines. Be prepared to stay in-state because it is usually much cheaper than going out of state, no matter how much you want to leave. If I had been realistic when it came to applying for college, I would be further ahead in my studies and I might have even gotten some scholarships. Because I waited, it didn't matter that I got into my dream college--there was no way I could go there. It's okay to have dreams. Just don't procrastinate and try to be realistic when it comes to achieving them.


Since I graduated pregnant, I would probably go back in time and tell myself to attend Palo Alto College first because alot of pregnant women were attending there and I would have been able to feel a little more comfortable walking the halls and not have everybody staring at me like the way they did at San Antonio College. I would also tell my past self that if I were still to attend San Antonio College, to leave the house an extra 30 minutes early because the parkings ridiculous. By leaving an extra 30 minutes early, I would have a better chance of showing up to class on time and not be the last person showing up to class out of breath because I had to run a good 3 blocks.


If I were able to go back in tme and talk to myself as a highschool senoir i would have so much advice to give.In one word it would be to perservier .I think i would have done so much better if i would have just tried and focused a little bit harder.Thats the best advice I advice i would give to any teenager but in the in end I am grateful for every speedbump because it ultimately lead me to the road of sucess.


I would tell myself not to give up, and only if i had the mentors that I have now to motivate me I would have finishing stronger then I did. I feel that some of the advice I could have provided myself would be to get involved in what you love to do and have fun in all school activities, and most of all believe in your work and don't quit till its finished.


I would advise myself to the homework in college. I would tell myself to excersize more and watch less TV. I would tell myself to be much more open minded, because by keeping a closed mind you blind yourself to all the beauty that the world has to offer.


This scenario is common for most college students. What would i have done differently? maybe try harder, get more organized, have a better plan, do more research. If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would give this advice, Talk to the couselor whenever you need too, this is your future. You don't need to be anxious, everything will work out. And lastly, take your time, it's better to take fewer classes at a time and get A's then load yourself up with classes and get B's or C's.


If i could literally go back to high school and talk myself thru my last year as a senior, i would keep forcing myself to the impossible. I would work a hundred times harder for everything i did. I would do anything i could in order to advance and suceed throughout that year, maybe take better classes in order to have a better look in my future.Even though as a senior you always tell yourself over and over again that "College is going to be fun", i would consider not having those ideas anymore as of present events that i thought wouldn't even cross the top of my mind. I would focus and keep my head up just like any high honor roll student would!


"High School Tobias, it's me. That is, it's you. No time to explain. Just listen. Yes, basketball is fun; sure, pretty girls are exciting; of course, money is nice; and, ok, video games are interesting. But focusing much on any or all of these things is going to eat away at your college preparation like rust on iron. These things are monumentally distracting you, subtracting time from your studies. But, more insidiously--as it took me years to realize--wantonly tossing so much of your attention at these aforementioned fancies, and basing so much of your self-value on them as you do, you have buried alive your own passion for academic achievement under the temporary infatuation and pursuit of ultimately perishable things. High School Tobias, do not pay attention to these distractions. Ignore them. They are smiling cancers. And above all, if you remember only one piece of advice from this undoubtedly unbelievable dream of a future and wiser you, care nothing for what everyone says is, by their words or actions, "cool". "Cool" will set you back a decade. And then you'll be writing a letter of advice, of pleading, to your high school self."


Have money on stand-by for books and scantrons.


When I was in high school, I was enjoying my life and having fun. If I could go back in time, I would do things diferently and this is my advise to a young student today. First , start preparing and exploring career paths when you are in Jr. High. Elective classes were made for that purpose, to explore. Second, take the harder classes and the AP classes. Sure, they are harder, but then you get them out of the way and when you get o college you can focuse on what you love. Besides, when you are in high school, you don't have many responsabilities and worries. Once you are in college, you have to pay rent, tuition, books, etc. therefore you need a job on top of the hard classes. Finally, be disciplined about everything including studying. If you are disciplined in high school, you still have time for friends and fun and when you get to college, the transition will be much easier. If you are used to having a disciplined life, you won't have to miss out on anything, you will be able to keep your grades up, and your college experience will be complete.


After high school I decided to look for a job because I wanted to be independent. I woulg encourage myself to go to college right out of high school. By doing so, I wouldn't have waste time working in dead-end jobs making minmum wage. Instead I would concentrate on getting a better education which would provide me with a better job. I believed that I would be more prepared for the challenge the real world by have a four-year college degree rather than just a high school diploma. Having a high education made the difference in getting a good job with a decent salary.


I would have told myself not to drop out, I could have made things a lot less complicated if i had looked toward college when I was in high school. I could've finished already had I just taken into consideration what I know now. The world is hard to accomplish goals and get ahead. Jobs don't care if your happy doing what your doing. You have to find what you really want in life and if your not sure, (like i was in high school), all you have to do is start taking your basic courses, and you learn so much from your professors. Not only in the subject they are there to teach you but in their life teachings it can lead you in a direction you may have never considered. If i had just tried that I could've gotten so much further in life by now.


Go now! Before your brain is out of the loop! Do not procrastinate...your education is the doorway to your future. If you wait you lose so much, knowledge, thinking skills and the ability to concentrate go out the window and you have to really work and getting it all back. So, go now, don't will thank yourself in the future!


I would tell myself that i should get on applying and checking out the colleges sooner. I think it would have made it easier for me to find the college that was right for me, rather then just applying to a few that i didnt really know much about and having to transfer later in my college career. Another thing i would tell myself is that i should have my career game plan going into college and maybe even applied as undecided. Then i wouldnt be as stuck on wha i want to do with my life as i am now.


If I were a senior in high school again i would do more research into what field of study i was most interested in. I would also ask more questions concerning the cost of college, what i have to do to get into a university and make sure I explore all the opportunities there are so i will be more informed about college. I would be realistic to myself this time around; making sure that I am a hundred percent ready to commit my self to studying and working hard. I would reach out to more resources and people who have the knowledge of the college world. In the end, i wished i had opened up more and asked questions, that I questioned why i could not do this or do that, and continue to fulfill my dream and strive to getting the education i want.


I would like to tell the students to have a goal in life. College is an opportunity that shouldn't be taken for granted. Many people would like to go but can't afford it for whatever reasons. I will tell them not to make the same mistake that I did and not know what I wanted to do when I finish High School. Having a backup plan is essential. If you are unsure about what you want to major in, take your basics. Most of all stay focus and don't give up.


To stay in school and finish my college degree. Don't let anyone tell me different. Having a degree can take you farther than you have been before in your life.


Since high school, I have experienced alot in 20 years, so here's my advice. I would tell myself to not let anyone or anything keep me from finishing school. I would remind myself of the importance of having an education. I would make goals with realistic time frames to complete what I intended to do. So I would spend the first year mapping out my time and stay committed to the required studies. I would say that I cannot let peers persuade me to go out and distract me from my studies. I would postpone any relationship that could side-track me down a different road. The other piece of advice would be to look forward to the end result. Think of all the things I will be able to do with my degree. One idea I could do, is paste pictures of things I want to gain on my frigerator. It takes alot of hard work to get a new car, house or travel and I can get there by being in a career that is rewarding, as well, makes a good living. It will take me staying on course, being deligent and never giving up.

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