San Antonio College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


What it is that I consider the best thing about my school that they are very Comunity based. The people that come from the poor side of town the school pervides scholarships for. People who have dificult living situations with their parents or family members or freinds even, the school has built apartment's that are close and revelent. The school also runs funraisers for the homeless in the community. such as food drives and clothing drives and also perviods the homeless with shelter, so that they can have all the necessities for a healthy living.


The best thing about my school is that the professors try the hardest to get students to understand what they are teaching. Also, the school is not based off of frats and sororities so it makes me focus more on school than on a social area that I don't really need.


the cost and education quality. the education quiality is remarkable. the price is fantastic.


San antonio college is a great college. it is considered good concerning students who want to achieve their assosiat degree, meaning that the college offers many degrees such as dental assisting, nursing...etc. also it offers many classes and prerequisites for poeple who wants to transfer to get the bachelors degree.


I love the fact that you can be yourself on your own terms, especially having the attention that you need with each of your classes. You are able to raise your hand, every time that you have a question or do not understand the professor. The teachers are attentive and care that you are there and are willing to help, when you are struggling. I have attending a big university the first year of school after High School, and believe me, those classes are huge with no attention. There are also areas to sudy and focus on your studies everywhere.


The best thing about my school is that all the teachers are willing to go out their way to help students understand the material so that they can suceed in their course. This kind of dedication sets up these students for future success when they transfer to a four year university. Even in their advisory classes, they show students techniques on how to take proper notes as well as studying and testing techniques to aid their progress through their courses.


Teachers. I give them alot of credit to put up with these people. All the people are different ages, different minds, alot of different everything You have to have steady nerves and patients for the students. Everyperson is not at the same level ( mind). Some students pick up the lessons alot easier then others. So you need a person who can and knows how to keep an balance. But they are way under paided.


The small classes and the professors are the best things. Since there are small classses, the professors really get to kow the students and try to help them in a very individual basis. Also, you get to know all your classmates and it is great to make study groups.

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