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What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

My school, San Bernardino Valley College, has an outstanding nursing program! I am very proud of this reputation, because I will be applying for their program in 2 years, knowing I will recieve a great education in nursing. In addition, my school has a great group of teachers. I have had few problems with any of my instructors, it truly seems that they care about their students and want them to do well in each class. Also, Valley has a wonderful library, it is kept very clean and peaceful for students to focus on their homework.

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What I mostly brang about San bernardino Valley College is that how great is it to have free bus transportation. For me thats everything because i would not be going to school due to transportation, and for that i am very thankful to Valley College. Another reason why valley is great is definatly my business professor. His name is Mr. Assumma, he is such a great intructor with so much wisdom and experience i love going to his class it makes my day learning about business in the way that he teaches really is priceless.

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I brag to my friends of how my community college offers a nursing program that has a prestigious reputation , therefore making our school as one of the top ten in California. I also brag about our great instructors' that are knowledgeable and helpful and how they make a difference in our college and the community. My bragging about San Bernardino Valley College is outrageous that I carry with me school catalogs every semester to share with my friends about the awesome classes that are offered.

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