San Diego City College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I don't have any


San Diego City College is famous for its diversity, students who are of many races/ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds (as well as different countries even) come here for a quality education.


Will i will always know my school for being a great learning environment with great professors.


Grossmont College is best known for their science and math programs. The teachers are the best in the community college district and teach on university standards.


Our campus could be cleaner. I hate to use the ladies room in most of the bulidings. Often, I hold my bladder for as long as I can stand; then, once in there, I bite the insides of my cheeks until I'm out. The campus is cold and uninviting. The temperature is not always cold but the feel of the classrooms are uncomfortable with its tile floor and bright white walls. The white walls blend too much with the white boards and I find myself blinking a whole lot in trying to receive the information.


I believe my school is known for is variety in student races/ethnicities. We have students from all over including instructors. My school is located in the heart of San Diego, downtown, and makes for a perfect balance of education and city life including the people attending. The school manages to make one feel like they are moving forward in their career paths.