San Diego City College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about San Diego City College?


The diversity at my college makes it what it is. There are people from every social background in every class and it makes for a very well rounded campus. With a much more progressive style of learning, the classes involve a lot of class participation and discussion, resulting in a much more intimate and personalized learning environment than many lecture based colleges. Being in the city of San Diego, the location guarantees a richness in opportunity. With strong potential to gain experience and make connections in any field, this college sets up students for lasting success in our diverse world.


I brag about the new builds and their modern and design put into the structural design. Comming from someone who loves to build, it is something I can appreciate.


What I brag most about college is that my college has many programs that help students with low income and with kids that are unable to pay their whole education with themselves. There are also help to the students that have children .What I like most about this is that many people are able to attend college because of this financial help.


Different clubs and activities that go on around my school every week.