San Diego City College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about San Diego City College? Why?


San Diego City College is a great school, however, the parking is the worse thing about the school. The school has about 10,000 students and although a number of them use public transportation the parking is still an issue. The Alternative to parking on or near campus is street parking (about 3.00 a day) or parking at Balboa Park. The issue with Parking at the park is getting to school an hour early to take the walk your going to take. Walking from street to street you're going to be stopped by the traffic lights. Depending upon where your class is located you can have up to an hour walk. Parking on campus is great aside from the fact we simply need more parking spaces. I have been at city four six semesters, and my fourth semester I bought a parking pass. I would spend thirty minutes a day trying to find a spot. since there were no spots I usually ended up parking on the on the street.


The worst thing about my school is that there is no music program, other than that it is fantastic.


What I consider the worst thing about my college is that there are many kids with special needs that are unable to do everything by themselves and they need help instead of more money going to those types of kids they waist in on unnecessary things. A lot of money goes to the health center and many of us don?t even use the health center. I meet one friend that was unable to see and because of the too many problems with getting around school he quit college and I believe that is unfair.


Parking, but I take the bus.


There were times where I felt that the staff, such as counselors and clerical workers, could not be bothered with my concerns because they may have felt overworked or unconcerned. I understand that it is difficult to process a large population of students, especially as recent cuts to their hours may be increasing their stress, but I feel that there were times in which common sense could have made the procedures required of student and staff much more efficient. Perhaps a little relief could be offered in allowing the staff more leeway in their standardized bureaucracy.