San Diego City College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I believe anyone with the will and want to learn should attend this school. I don't think a community college like this should ever be allowed to turn anyone down. This is where the poor get a chance to shine beside the wealthy and the students that come from a bad high school get a second chance to build thier learning foundation.


Anybody that want to learn something and be able to fight for better job opportunities.


Any person who wants to further their education and has goals to attain. City college has a feel, warmth, and seriousness about it that really ONE feels when they attend. The school is not a "13th" grade, nor for those looking to take it easy. Anyone looking to get ahead and prepare themselves for their careers seriously would be the ideal candidate for this school. With so many opportunities and experiences to let happen, any student ready to experience a genuine college is perfect for this school.