San Diego City College Top Questions

What should every freshman at San Diego City College know before they start?


This is the best time of your life! Be selfish and work tirelessly on pursuing your education while discovering who you truly are. Be true to yourself and recognize that this is the best opportunity to improve yourself. Take advantage of every opportunity that will lend to your overall welfare! Be bold and dynamic and learn to love life!


If I could go back and give my high school self advice, I would tell myself to enjoy every minute of it. College will go by in the blink of an eye and you will miss it once you have to grow up and get a big girl job. Meet as many people as you can and try everything once. Don’t forget to stay focused and try really hard. Although it is hard to get up on a Friday for your 8am class, it’s important that you do (or work your schedule to have the prime Tuesday and Thursday classes). But most of all, be patient. You will get to a point where all you want is for it to be over, but once you’ve past that point, all you want is to go back.


Even though I had a great senior year, academicly and socially, I feel if I focused on one thing, I could have been more prepared for college. Most of my high school years, I spent it believing that I would end up in the military because that is what my family does, and I wasnt destined for anything else. It was during my senior year that I realized that I was a good student and that college is an option. I felt free, and I didn't know what to choose, and I let all the possibilities overwhelm me when I could have spent that time filling out scholarships and doing more research than what I did. So, the advice that I would give myself would be to follow your dreams, focus on it, and put one hundred percent into it.


Do not be worried about what you should major in and what you should do professionally after college. Dable in a lot of different types of classes and gain experience through experimenting on different areas of education. College will be one of the best times of your life, take advantage of meeting as many people as you can. Develop relationships with your university professors that will go beyond your college career. Get involved in groups and organizations on campus because they will help shape you for the real world. Travel as often as you can during universtiy because this is a time when you are most susceptible and open minded. Try to conquer as many fears as possible while in university so that when you enter the real world you will have an expanded comfort zone and extraordinary relationship to over coming fear. Be genuine and authentic to the people you meet and constantly strive for your highest self. Be ok with asking a lot of questions and not always getting answers. This is the time to get to know yourself to the best of your ability. Take advantage and use this time wisely for personal growth.


If I were able to go back in time and give myself advice about transitioning to college I would probably have to start off by convincing myself that I am me and what is going on. Let’s admit that would be a lot for anyone to take in. So, what is every high school boy’s secret? The crush for a girl from new hormones and different chemistries in the body he never admits due to its new and explosive nature. Maybe not a every senior but I was a late bloomer socially and it took me awhile to tell girls I liked them. Once convinced, I would tell myself mainly to not blow off college preparations. I was set on being a lifer in the military and didn’t care about going to college at the time. Either way I would not be going to college immediately so I would just try to tell myself to be more open minded. Listen to what others have to say, be accepting to new ideas, be conscious to other walks of life, be curious, never accept the way things are just because that’s the way they are, and challenge everything!


I would first of all encourage my younger self, to stay in the art field because that is what I do best. I 'd tell myself to work hard, stop saying "yes", to all the partiers, who just wanted to run around and have fun, with no direction, and to work, stay in school and study more for the SAT's. I'd tell myself that it's o.k. to listen and follow people's advise, but to also follow your heart and to realize that there are negative, uninformed people out there who mean well, but that you have to do the foot work and research and keep your faith to get where you need to go. I'd tell myself that it is very possible to get yourself through college and to even double major. That there is nothing comparable to your health and education, but with a good, positive attitude and faith in God, you can acheive your dreams.


I would put more of an effort into just being a better student. In high school, my cumulative GPA was less than a 3.0 (more of a 2.5-2.7 range). Currently at San Diego City College, since Fall 2006, my cumulative GPA is 3.55, with 3 A's last semester. In high school, I didn't enjoy going to school, so I was not motivated as much and did not look forward to going to school every day (I had to force myself to go to have a chance to graduate). Going to college has motivated me a lot more and also now I want to go to school, because I really enjoy my time there. Though I graduated from high school, I still could have done better for myself, I am making up for lost time during my time in college. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


If i was capable of going back in time and had the chance to speak with myself in my senior year of high school, I would tell myself not to waste time in college, take only classes you need and find out all you can about the resources the college has to offer and take advanage of those resources.


If I could go back in time and talk to my self as a high school senior I would definitely talk to my self and put some sense into my brain. I would tell my self to not listen to what others think what I should be doing with my career and believe in what I thought was best for me no matter how credible the adult may seem. Instead I wasted a year and a half at the Art institute of San Diego, not loving what I was doing and wasted alot of money doing it. I would tell my self about the financial problems I would be having if I made a mistake in what I want to do for the rest of my life. $15,000.00 down the drain and I am starting a new semester in debt where if I went to community college first I would be $15,000.00 richer and closer to getting my Masters in Chemistry.


The advice i would give myself would be, Don't hang out with this youngman, he is not interested in your future or your well being, go back to class and get your eduacation so you can have a successful career and a stable foundation to build the rest of your life.