San Diego City College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about San Diego City College is that is it located in the heart of beautiful San Diego. Everyone is very friendly and offering a helping hand. The school makes you feel very welcomed and happy to be there. It is a place I really enjoy.


my advise for prospective students is to work hard. Its going to be a long journey when entering college, its going to take hard work and commitment. Dont give up, it will be hard but it will pay off in the end.


The tuition is one of the best thing about my school because it is affordable. It is very helpful for students like me who doesn't have too much money.


A diverse and knowledgeable faculty has made my experience at San Diego City College unique, and has offered me a thorough, inexpensive education and a unique global perspective. City College provided me with professors from Mexico, Brazil, and Jordan all in one semester, including others from Vietnam, Nicaragua and Algeria. The world is becoming smaller and events across the globe cannot be ignored unless we as Americans wish to feel the full negative consequences, therefore my multinational history and language professors set out to inform me and fostered my ability to form my own opinions through logical, fact based arguments.


The affordability (especially in today's economy) at San Diego City College is especially enticing. It is located in an urban environment, in the midst of downtown San Diego. You can get there by walking (if you live in downtown), car (from any freeway), bus, and trolley. The teachers there are generally very good and well-educated themselves. They care about their students' success and that is always appreciated!