San Diego Mesa College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The perfect school for a student who is looking to transfer to a 4 year university.


Although Mesa is a big campus, the faculty and students make you feel wlecome.


San Diego Mesa College is just small enough to be friendly and educational, and just big enough to offer almost every class you may need at the community college level.


A great beginning of acedemic sucess with great professors and resources that assist young and old adults with starting off their education.


Mesa is a great to help you achieve your Associates or prepare you for a University one day. A good majority of the Professors are very diligent, respectful, helpful, courteous and are always there to lend a helping hand. Just don't rely on them too much because then you start to expect it all the time.


San Diego Mesa College is a beautiful, well-kept, lively college campus that has been a victim of the recent educational budget cuts of California, but seems to have done well in utilizing its dwindled resources in retaining its academic level of excellence.


San Diego Mesa College is a very diversified school; it allows the students to learn more about other cultures and their beliefs, and also allows you to learn more about yourself through the introduction and sharing of other students' cultures.


It is a place offering a great variety of educational paths and programs to a great variety of cultures and ethnicities.