San Diego Mesa College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.

Amaranta Monserrat

All kinds of students from all over san diego! Diversity all around is beautiful!


The students at San Diego Mesa College are a great influence, ive met a couple good friends here who have influenced me to try and do my best. Whenever i find myself struggling to understand the material i turn to my friends in class and see how they interpret the material. Even when i feel like giving up they encourage me to stop and take a breather before i think of quiting. The students here are great, they come from all over the place and its cool to hear their stories and the struggles that theyve endured.


Entitled, stuck-up, selfish, rude, exclusive, and extremely unmotivated.


My classmates are friendly, outgoing, eager to learn, ethnically diverse and supportive.


So far, I have liked all my classmates. They are friendly, helpful, and kind. Some of them make some of the boring classes fun.


My classmates are truly multiracial in origin, each talented in their own way, and at different levels of interest/seriousness in their pursuit of a college degree.


So far my classmates have been very helpful. Everytime I ask a classmate for help they are always willing to help.


Mesa College is full of a diverse number of students.


My classmate come from a broad range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Diversity is definately abundant at Mesa. However, sometimes the students act more like highschoolers than people trying to attain higher learning.


They come from all backgrounds, and age groups, and classes.