San Diego Mesa College Top Questions

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Teachers are friendly, they are there for you. Parking lots are not as bad as i thought they would be.


Unlike other community colleges, Mesa offers such great opportunities for those aspiring to transfer to a 4-year university. It was difficult to find a great community college that would easily help me transfer to UCLA but Mesa proved just how smooth it could be to transfer. They had a program that specifically targeted UCLA and many other universities that I could choose from if ever I changed my mind, which other colleges I have researched lacked. I considered going to a community college much closer to home but the many opportunities Mesa had stood out to me.


Mesa College offered the classes required to enter the field of dietetics. They also have great programs for culinary and other health related fields.


The involvement with the students and the community is huge at Mesa College. I always see chicano and black studies group fundraising to help the community. There is always something going on in school that get the other students interested and get information they might not know or heard about.


our professors care so much about their students. Campus is very clean. a lot of international students. we also have people from all over the 50 states which is good. everyone is educated, loving, caring, and has a goal in life.