San Diego Mesa College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about how flexible your class schedule can be. Also the great amount of help that is avaliable for you in tutoring and counseling to guide you through the school years.


I would say the degree of difficulty for most of the classess I have taken.


I tell my friends about the wonderful professors, friendly people, clean campus, safe environment, and good neighborhood.


I promote Mesa College as being a great commmunity college to transfer from. It contains a large amount and a great variety of classes. You can eaisly get the classes you need to transfer with, and the teachers are excellent. I have had many teachers who also teach at the nearby San Diego State and UC San Diego. It ensures me that they are teaching at the same level as a university. I also enjoy the campus which is open and flat, making it nice and simple to reach your classes. Additionally, there are a lot of cute boys.


The library -wi-fi, the computers at the top, the career collection, the book collection.


I brag the most to my friends about the ability to make a difference on campus by my involvement in student government.


Mesa College has one of the best sign language programs in San Diego. The college most of my friends go to is near where I live and people alsways ask me why I go so far just for a community college and I brag about all the good programs at my school that their school does not have.