San Diego Mesa College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The school needs to provide more orientation to first time freshmen.


The instructors.


Althought at times the physical layout of the classes does not make it feel like an institution for higher learning, we are still sitting inhight school stlyle desks, the content of and the demeanor of our professors encourage us to be curious about our world, form questions about what we are studying and to seek answers to those questions.


I seriously cant think of something bad otherwise than the parking struggle, and that is getting resolved with the new parking structure and the re-opening of two parking lots.


The high prices at the bookstore and cafeteria (as well as the vending machines).


The thing I like least about attending a community college, is that the students are not as interested in meeting other people as they are in at a University. Students are more concerned about showing up for class, making it through the class and leaving the class as soon as it is scheduled to end. It is difficult to get to know your classmates on a personal level, instead of just on a educational level. I would like to attend a school where students are more outgoing and interested in meeting one another.


I would have to say the cafeteria food. Personally, I do not eat in the cafeteria. The food, I think is too pricey for the quality of food provided. There just aren't too many healthy choices. My self being a health nut, I bring my own food so I dont even have to deal with the options of the cafeteria.