San Francisco State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Everybody seems pretty nice, everybody wants to get to know each other and are really friendly when it comes to asking them a question.


Well civilized, eager learners.


Oh my goodness, this school is so diverse, I don't think any student would feel out of place. You can be a part of the LGBT community, SF love you! You can be a bookworm, we have those! You can be a narwhal, and we'd invite you to parties! Students here are very stylish. One adjunct professor here would tell us the only difference between teaching at SF State and UC Santa Cruz was that we are better looking. He was joking of course, but everyone here is beautiful! The extracurriculars here are fantastic. There are cinema collectives, improv clubs, sororities, frats, Muslim student associations, Christian clubs, Young Democrats, basically anything. And all the students are very politically aware compared to most. If anything the students talk about what they'll do rather than what they'll earn. We want to make a difference, we want to do incredible things, and make a name for ourselves. What we earn comes second.


The classmates at Sf State are enthusiastic, and outgoing.


People who are inteligent but have been given the short hand of the stick in regards to their educational oppertunities.


Many of my classmates are all students worried about their futures. We are all nervous about the economy and the opportunities we may miss out on with todays job market. Unemployment is a scary thought for a lot of us. The students hope that with their continued education they will be able to find a jjob that they can grow into careers and support their families with.




Students at San Francisco State are very diverse. I have classes with students from all over the state, country and even world. Although SFSU has a reputation of being a commuter school, my personal experience has been that a ton of students either live on campus or in the neighborhoods near by. I take the bus to school and it is always packed with SF State students.


My classmates are very dedicated to their school work and are very open to what others have to hear. They are not judgemental and live life according to their beliefs. They are down to earth and easy to get along with.


San Francsico State students are open-minded individuals that have the determination to fight for their rights (as shown in Occupy SFSU's 99%).


All my classmates are super fun, very helpful and care about eachothers progress at state.


My classmates are a versatile group that make college life intellectually stimulating.


friendly, outgoing, individuals with a good head on their shoulders and love to learn.


Being the most diverse school in the nation, my classmates vary in ethnicity but also display a unique expressive style relating to the city we live in, and a creative approach to thinking through problems and situations.


I would have to describe my classmates as interesting, everyone has a story of their life and everyone has their own unique experiences and to be able to meet so many different people with different backgrounds and ways of life makes college a lot more entertaining.


They are very different and contribute to my learning.


If I were to describe my classmates in on word I would say eclectic. At San Francisco State there is nothing I haven't seen in a student. I feel that the city pulls together such a unique blend of students. There are southern bells, hippie children, rocker chicks; there is truly a little bit of everything here. I love being exposed to all the different types of people. It makes for a very well rounded education.


The school is extremely liberal and diverse. If you're conservative, I do not recommend this school for you. There are two dining halls on campus along with a bunch of places to grab food. The Dining Center is D I S G U S T I N G. City Eats (sandwiches/salads) is great. Along with the Village Market Pizza. It seems as if kids from Southern California fled to SFSU, though everyone there is mostly from around the State of California. There are a lot of groups on campus, though they don't do a very good job advertising. A lot of groups fly under the radar. Though there is a greek life, there are no greek houses. It's against the law to have more than six females in a house in SF, so no sorority houses.


My classmates come from an eclectic mix of backgrounds, ranging from fresh- faced18-year-old to senior citizens furthering their education, each bringing a unique perspective and experince to the classroom.


My fellow classmates are diverse, interesting people who truly care about their education.


My classmates are very concerned about being able to complet there education in a timely manor, meanwhile having the means to pay for it.


Many of my classmates are really liberal and radical. They speak their mind and don't care what other people think. I liek that we can all express our opinions and accept those with different opinions.


Diverse and interesting


My classmates define the next generation as a generation of hard working people with fierce pride and passion who may not know what type of person they'll be in the next 20 years or so, but know that they want to be the type of people who create peace and love all around them in everything that they do.


As a none traditional student who is also new to campus, I am not involved with many social activities. I have found the students in my classes to be of all ages and from all walks of life. I believe that San Francisco State provides a ground for meeting of the minds. Everyone I have met there so far has been, intelligent, warm and studious.


Being an international business major, I meet classmates from every corner of the world. They are here to make a difference and many have plans to go back home and make changes within their communities with their new found knowledge from SFSU. My classmates are amazing, hardworking people. The majority of them are either paying for college with a job or financial aid as well. This makes them appreciative, but critical in the quality of education they are receiving.


Cool people, like to party, love the trees.


my classmates are very nice and helpful people that want to exceed just as much as I do.


My classmates are very devoted, helpful, and nice.


they are friendly.


Most people come to San Francisco State not knowing anybody, so everyone is pretty much in the same boat, per se. The campus is extremely diverse - you will find students and professors from every background imaginable. I believe this diversity has helped to foster an openness and amiability that exists across the board between students and professors alike. Speaking from what I have encountered, people have generally been quite kind and it seems that they are always looking to form new friendships. Thus, I would conclude that in our diversity and variety, it is easy for people to make friends.


Most of my classmates are hardworking, ambitious and friendly individuals who want to better themselves and their community.


Open minded, opinionated, and very responsive to others around them in the classroom.


My classmates are enthusiastic and hopeful, however they are also not always accustomed to academic work and large class sizes.


My classmates are friendly open-minded diverse individuals.


My classmates are always actively working towards completing tasks and work and they are friendly as well.


My classmates are liberal, diverse, friendly, and creative.


They all are helpfull


A diverse, liberal, opinionated, supportive group of people.


My classmates are of two kinds: those that are very friendly and warm-- they tend to be helpful academically, and those that are unfriendly and would not smile at you-- they tend not to be helpful academically.


Most that I've met have been very friendly.


I think the more common dress student of the College of business are wearing business casual, because i think alot of them want to impress the teachers or they have to run to work or are just coming from work. I think alot of other students out side the college of business wear skinny jeans with tight shirts and shoes. I think most students are of the mid to lower middle class. Alot of students either live in the area or have to commute from where their parents live because the bay area is so expensive.


Even though the largest concentration on campus is business, it certainly does not seem that the business students are not the most involved. This is probably because us business majors have no time, but it may be also because as business majors our focus is more so on the job market and not school unity?


Students at SFSU come from all over the bay area. some reside near campus but a good majority commute. parking near and on campus is nearly nonexhistant. most people will take some form of public transportation and others will drive in. We have parking lots but when you already pay toll and gas, parking fees are not something you want to incur. Students are diverse. We see retro hipsters who ride there bikes with skinny jeans, their scarves and beanies. Then you've got the majority of people in sweats of some sort because the weather is always chilly. Then you've got the girls who are dressed to impress. What students wear on campus is just variant as the different personalities they carry.


SFSU consists of an array of individuals. You will meet people from all over the world and all walks of life. You may sit next to a freshman straight from high school or a mom who has decided to finally go back to school after raising her children. We are extremely diverse. People are very accepting so regardless of who you are you will find somewhere to fit in.


very mixed student body. everyone seems to mingle along together well enough


People on campus are very nice. I met a lot of exchange students from IEEC. I built a very great networking around the world.


My school is in San Francisco so LGBT students wouldn't feel out of place at SFSU we do not discriminate. We have all sorts of clubs from religious to academic. We do have a lot of international students, mainly from Asia. These students tend to hang out with people from their own race because they feel comfortable speaking their native language so they may be the ones that feel out of place but now that I think about it who wouldn't in a completely different country. Students don't think about money, as a matter of fact I didn't know how much an accountant makes until I joined ASO. From my experience students are interested in traveling right after college and yes eventually we do think about money. If I'd said we didn't I'd be lying. We all think about money but at SFSU we think about getting an education first and then gaining experience to be successful in our lives. Our tables at a dining hall will have people from all parts of the world:asian, latino, black (although we don't have many black satudents), white, middle eastern, etc...we are truely a diverse campus. But of course just like in many universities there will be segregated tables but we don't see many at state.


I don't think anybody would be feel out of place at SFSU. Most student are politically aware, and they are active. Like the descriptions I've describe above. Most students wear jeans, and shirt to class.


I've join a lot of good organizations at school, where I've meet people from different parts of the world.

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