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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


One of the most popular student activities is the M.E.Ch.A club. They integrate our community in their activities and provide services. They also want students to gain awareness of upcoming protests and school related events.


The most popular student activities/groups have to be sports, cultural, film, music, religion, and business.


I play club water polo and my team is wonderful. It's co-ed and everyone is welcome! The performing arts programs here at State are cool. I saw a Kabuki demonstration and it was totally awesome. 2 AM on a Tuesday (for most) means either doing a last minute paper, like I usually do, or partying. The school isn't big on partying but the kids there do love to party. There are many parties in the neighborhood next-door to State, Parkmerced, but they get shut down pretty early. Lovefest, the music festival, is a big deal.


Famous flag stomping incident has lead to national media coverage for the College Republicans


SFSU College Republicans Promo Video


San Francisco students and faculty assist small businesses, work with the mayor's office on a homeless initiative.


You can go bowling on a saturday night at a place with disco or black lighting so it is not your typical alley. I think just having out with friends at someone's house, if they have a pool table. You can go to club and just dance, not hit the bar scene. More people go to athletic events only if they directly know someone on the team.


I'm in ASO. As I mentioned before we are definitely more focused on connecting with the professional world than the environment life on campus.


Our school is located in San Francisco so you automatically expect to have a diverse set of students. I love the fact that we are in the hub of such a diverse area and that there are so many things to do and explore. We have beaches nearby and museums and parks and shopping and nightlife. You are never bored no matter what time of day.


i did not live in the dorms so I do not know how they operate but in terms of clubs and such. there are plenty. As you walk through the center of the school (the quads) you will always see activist trying to get you to sign some sort of petition, you will see political clubs, or clubs just for fun outside holding events of some sort. SFSU is in the city and there is always something to do. You don't have to drink to have fun, there are salsa bars and things that are always open.


decent variety of activities to do around campus. game club is around as are arcade machines and pool tables in the student union building


There are plenty of potential to get more social life. But the school, especially the student center, and the library are too small, and close too early. Not enough space, and time for students to get together.


I'm involved in the accounting student organization (ASO), Volunteer Income tax assistant (VITA), and for three years I was part of Jumpstart. There are many clubs and organizations to be apart of but unfortunately many of the students do not join. At the beginning of the semester we see many students checking out clubs but they never join. ASO gives the students the opportunity to meet accounting firms, CPA's, to get to know the career of accointing, give s us an idea of what we can expect from such carrer and yet many do not join. Out of 1000 accounting students about 100 join ASO!


I am involve in a student group called Accounting Student Union (ASO). A lot of students here party often, 2-3 times a week. Last weekend, I party at a club. Off campus, I spend my time working part-time job.


Accounting Student Organization, Beta Alpha Psi


We really have no sports teams, although there are some competitive ones, there is a pub as well


never experienced yet


Frats are good for being social but can take away from studies. The group I am involved in is nothing near as close as the frat I attempted at being a part of. No one at school is considered my closest friends. I don't house party. If I party I do club or bar.


It can be hard to meet people initially. If you live in the city it is a bit easier because at one point in time or another you will run into some one from class and things will go on from there. The majority of people I have met have been from going to the same gym to work out. You also make friends through other friends. We are in San Francisco so if you do happen to get bored, there are plenty of places to go.


they really are.


There are generally group activities occuring year round. I can always count on seeing new pledges for sorrorities and fraternities roaming the campus. One of my favorite things to attend are the intermural basketball games on campus.


I am a member of Japanese Assorciation but never participate the activity before. The one of the reason is I do not want to make Japanese friends that much since I am here for studing English. I always try to attatch the English rather than my first language.


I am a member of Japanese Assorciation but never participate the activity before. The one of the reason is I do not want to make Japanese friends that much since I am here for studing English. I always try to attatch the English rather than my first language.


SFSU holds many great activities such as mock interviews, meet and greets, resume assistance, and work experience through internships.


Like most colleges, SFSU has its share of social activities/organizations. During the first three weeks of each semester, organizations set up tables and recruit new members. These organizations include academic clubs, sororities/fraternities, special interest groups, etc. Anyone can start a new club as long as he/she has five members, with one being the president and one being the treasurer. I think the student organizations are helpful because they allow students to network. I joined the Accounting Students' Organization and am now an officer in the club after three semesters. As a result of participating with this group, I am in personal contact with firms who are offering me summer internship opportunities and even the prospect of job immediately upon graduation!


I was very active in ASO, and this organization is not treated correctly by the OSLPD. They always award Beta Alpha Psi, the fraternity for accounting students, because they have higher standards. ASO does not discriminate accounting students based on their GPA. Accounting students are given a fair opportunity to get exposed to accounting firms.


I drove near school several times at night time, and saw that there were a lot of drunken people. My hobbies involve playing texas hold'em


There are a lot of organizations and activities on campus. However, I'm not currently involved in any of them because I have to be more focused on studying.


i dont go any activites.


For accounting students, Betal Alpha Psi and the Accounting Students' Organization (ASO) is two common student organization on campus. I am involved in both group, and am an officer for ASO. I don't know much about athletic events or the dating scene, since I am not looking into those areas. There are always guest speakers and performances on school, but I never attend because of schedule conflicts. If I am up at 2am on a Tuesday, I am usually writing a paper or doing some kind of reading for a class. Last weekend, I went to an awards banquet that included professionals from the accounting world, and went to a house party, where we played poker, wii, and ate finger foods. If I am at a nondrinking event, its can be playing billards, bowling, or some games.


No social life. Commuter school. Dorm life is a joke and the food is every worst.


The stereotypes that follow sororities make me not care to join. I don't drink. I want to but have not ever dated. Then again, I'm not sure I want to, because then I might be even more distracted from my studies... oh and then there's the fear of dating too... and I read or sleep or stay on the computer on Saturday nights Last weekend, I slept a lot to catch up.


SFSU does not have whole lot of student life, like i mentioned in above paragraphes. SFSU is known to be a commuter school, people come to class and leave. There are clubs and organization on campus that create cohesiveness, such as Accounting Student Organization(ASO). I am a member of this organization, and I already feel like I am part of this team.


I'm not involving any activity at school because I'm too busy working and studying. but I think I should involve some activities asap.


rarely participate after sophmore year


I'm involved with ASO. I don't live in dorms. ASO is fun and I have a great time when going to presentations/events. I rarely hear about athletic events, but I don't really have any interest in sports either... I'm interested in theater, but have not gone and something always seems to "come up". I haven't dated... in SFSU or in general... so I wouldn't know much in this area. My closest friends were from HS. =\ However, my 'closest' SFSU friends, I met in either class, or in ASO. Oh, and one of them, I met in the hallway, who happened to use the same class room before my class did. I'm often awake at 2am on a Tuesday. I'm usually on the computer, doing homework, or reading, (and sometimes chores). Fraternities and sororities have an awe around them that kind of makes me wish I could see into their world, and their connections make it sound interesting. However, I can't imagine myself in a sorority. Last weekend, as in this past weekend? I caught up on sleep and finished a few novels (books for leisure, not class). I tried reading my accounting and economics textbooks... but didn't get too far. On a Saturday night, I watch Saturday Night Live, read, surf the web... (Yes my I lack a night life). My Saturdays don't really involve any drinking... Off campus, I do random things... I wander, I "walk" (for health, not really because I enjoy it), I read, I go to the park sometimes, I go to the main library in Civic Center, I sometimes go to meet my sisters, and I meet up with my HS friends. In a sense, that's limited. I'm trying/planning to make plans (I find that amusing) to go out this summer with some friends from SFSU. It feels strange to do that, but it's something I'm trying to do.


Accounting Students Organization is the organization that I am working with. This is gearing toward specific accounting students and I am one of their officers. I would say our group is pretty active amon campus since we do have presentation, mock interview, office visit, social events, and picnic. However, since I am also pretty active outside of school, I do also sport and clubbing with my friends.


I have been involved in the Accounting Students Organization (ASO) and I think it is one of the best organization I could I ever been. I'm about to graduate and I got a job because ASO provided events and workshops for me to meet accounting firms


I am heavily involved with PACE, which stands for Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor. We recently just had our PCN, our Pilipino Cultural Night, which is our student based musical production.


I didn't join any group.


They are a lot of clubs and fraternities on campus. There's usually some event going on. I didn't live on campus so I'm not sure what the dorm situation is like.


SFSU has no athletic events.


There is no social life at SFSU, i dont live on campus, so i have no idea what they would do at 2am.


don't know about organizations to theater. Dating scene: didn't work out- have a girlfriend off campus. Last weekend: partied 'till we passed out.




SFSU has always been a commuter school, so in order to have a social life at SFSU, you really have to join an organization, fraternity/sorority, etc.


There are alot of students who commute to campus, like me, but I still have far more activities to do than I actually can handle.


I am involved with Accounting Student Organization. I make many friends by going to events held by ASO.


There are many professional events organized by students. It is a good way for student to demostrate leadership and organizational skills. It is very good for students to network as well.


The group that I am involved in is called ASO (Accounting Student Organization). So far the experience has been ok. Not the best. Not the worse. I think it could be better. I do not know what kind of parties students do during the week or the weekend.

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