San Francisco State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who have no interest in learning or can't adjust with San Francisco's bi-polar weather.


A close-minded, racist, or sexist person shouldn't attend my school. People who like to be alone and who don't like to meet new people also shouldn't attend my school.


I think anyone should attend this school. I love this school.


Anybody who appreciates a school that is administered in a competent and efficient manner should not attend this school.


One who is involved in sports or social activities


Any body who is smart and wants to learn should go here. I feel it is an excellent school for the major I have taken, Technical and Professional Writing. I plan on documenting software and teaching others how to use computers.


A close-minded conservative who does not appreciate understanding the cultures of others.


I would not encourage someone who is a homebody or afraid to come into new situations frequently to attend this school because it is in a busy metropolitan city that can be initmidating unless you know what you're getting into. Also I would not recommend this school for persons who are not open minded to all types of people since this is a very diverse campus where you will encounter persons from all walks of life.


There are definately people who should shy away from SFSU- those people can best be discribed as those who want to go to college for the "college experience" (Aka: pep rallies and football games and everyone joins a sorority). They're in for a rude awakening when they show up, because SFSU is a commuter college where people are much more focuses on the enlightening aspect of post secondary school. People who have a difficult time adapting to new surrounding should also not attend here. They just won't be happy at SFSU because everyone is so unique.


Many of the students that attend San Francisco State University are diverse and I believe someone that is very conservative and not open to the ideas of others shouldn't attend this school.


You shouldn't attend this school if you're hoping for a close-knit community experience. My experience with SF State was a good education for a good price, but not a warm fuzzy sense of community. I was a transfer student that commuted an hour to get to school. I think a large percentage of the student body does the same, and ideally I would have preferred going to a smaller school where I lived with other students near or on campus.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this is school are people who don't like small schools because altough San Francisco State University offers a wide varitey of classes, events and clubs, it is not that big of a campus. The center of the campus is the Chesar Chavez Student Center; all the other buildings are placed around it. So it is easy to learn to find your way around campus, but if you like big campuses with lots of places to explore, this may not be the right school for you.


a conservative who is narrow minded and anit-social.


This is the type of school that pushes more to the "artsey" type. The school is full of people of every culture and every possible background. So even if you aren's so artsey there is enough diversity to hold your interest.


Anyone who is open minded because there are many differnt people and lifestyles here. Also anyone who loves to do new things and loves to meet new kinds of people.


Someone who is on the shy side or more conservative.


For the most part I strongly believe any kind of person can attend SFSU and would love it. SFSU is a commuter school for the most part becasue it is not a big as other universities but on-campus housing really helps with not having to commute. If there is a person that does not want a school that is open minded with the same type of people or, they don't want to live in the city then they would be the kind of people that should not attend this school.


Someone with conservative political or moral views would find it difficult to fit in at SFSU. Also, those potential students who dislike large cities should not attend.


Someone who is extremely conservative should not attend this school. The students here have liberal viewpoints when it comes to things such as politics.


A person who enjoys a large campus, sunshine, warm weather, the quarter system and flat land would not find this school ideal.


I think people that are closed- minded should not attend this school. San Francisco State is all about diversity and the freedom; having and expressing our own opinions, whether it is in the things that we say, the way that we dress, the people that we befriend. I wanted to got to San Francisco State for all these reasons; I liked the fact that you could be you, and no one would judge you. So, if you don't agree with diversity, I recommend not attending this school.


I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology sometime ago in 1994. The university experience there may have changed since I attended; however, it was not a positive one for me. The atmosphere seemed cold and unsupportive. Instructors were not always high quality. I have matured since graduatiing there; however a person lacking, focus, confidence, and assertiveness, or wanting guidance and support would not be a good fit for this college. To be successful here requires the ability to advocate for oneself and have a focus on what you want out of your education.


Anyone can attend this school and if they are not open minded of the differences and diversity within the students then they will be. SFSU teaches you how to accept others and get along with others which positively influences your academic and social life.


This school has a very diverse population. It has a very good mix of every different kinds of people, so it's quite easy for different kinds of people to fit in.


I feel that my experience at San Francisco State University is exactly what I expected for my college experience. It is a great size, diverse and welcoming. For those who do not like the cold weather, small and somewhat crowded classes or even small cities, this campus is not for you. SFSU is a "commuter" campus, but I have met many students who have moved from various towns of California to experience San Francisco, some make it and some don't. It is a school for people who are open to individuality, free spirits and open minds.


Any person who has a distate for cultural, religious, political, and ethnic diversity, or any person who is closed minded. Perhaps also anyone who is anti-social and doesn't like to be around friendly, caring people.


A person who lacks an open mind for a diverse learning environment. An individual with a cold heart for preserving the quality of the environment is also the type to not be at a school like this. Also, a person who is not looking for a good educational experience overall in a beautiful city.


Narrow-minded people should not attend this school because they probably cannot stand the diverse in both environmental and academic atmospheres. From my experiences, people at my school also would not tolerate those who cannot open up to multicultural views that we are sharing and value.


Anyone who likes sunshine or a strong greek system.


all kind of people


Someone who is interested in a school full of parties and frats would not easily find them to be widespread on our campus. There is a large focus upon academics and friends are typrically met in your area of study.


Someone conservative. They might feel out of place.


If you are not open minded and don't like large cities this will not be a good choice for schools.


Someone who doesn't try hard enough or doesn't care to do productive work.


someone looking for a very inclusive school where they feel like they are part of a cohesive community. this is a huge school where it is near impossible to get into the classes you need the first time you try. the administrative end is absolutely ridiculous... they do not help at all. if you need your hand held through college, this is not the place for you!


Somebody who wants an easy A.


culturally diversed, open minded, eager to learn new things and make new friends.


Someone who is open-minded and wants to learn and experience something that is a-typical of college. Someone who is going to meet new people and places value on things carrying social and cultural significane. Someone who is willing to open their mind.


Someone close-minded, anti-social, conservative. Someone who is looking for a heavy course load with no time for social activities.


Students who dislike being in a large campus environment. While it is a beautiful campus it can sometimes be daunting in its size for the entering freshman.


People who are closed minded and extremely conservative should not even be anywhere near this city, much less this school. It would be too shocking.

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