San Francisco State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Well, I havent attended yet so I cant answer, but I can answer about my previous school which was a JC. I would say to stay focused on school only, if your going to college to be social, hang out, etc. well, you better rethink your priorities. College shouldnt be a social extension of High School, it should be a place to further your education, to prepare yourself for life and what it has to offer. Study study study. Dont fall behind, if you do youll be in big trouble trying to catch up.


If only I had known that the school was a commuters school and that it had no school spirit, I would have attended a different school, where it would be easier to make friends so that I would not have to feel so alone when I am far away from any family and friends from back home.


I wish I would’ve known that there was not a strong school spirit around San Francisco States athletic teams. San Francisco State is a great school, but it’s a commuter school. I also wish I would have known that there was no football team. I felt the desire to really want to be apart of a school that spent their Friday nights together watching their football team play other schools. This is a very spiritual experience for a lot of students; it’s what brings students together that are from different graduating classes.


There is not a lot of activity on campus on the weekends. But I like that because it encourages students to have a social life that does not depend on the school environment.


I wish i knew the meaning of life before coming to this school, but since probably no one will ever fully grasp that concept, I will settle for knowing how to cook better.


I wish I had known that cultivating lasting relationships with professors and community leaders would be as important to my professional future as doing well in my classes.


As much as I enjoy living in this beutiful city of San Francisco, I wish I would have known the price of living in the Bay Area. The cost of rent for a small room in a boarding house is equivlant to rent for a full size house in other locations.


I wish I had known a little more about the social activities available to the students at San Francisco State University before I came here. I also wish I had known a little more about the courses available for students.


With California’s current budget crises it is a hard time to be a student at a California state school. You have very little choices as to what classes you take and with witch teachers.


i wish i haved learned anything because ,i like where i stand in my academic as of right now .


I wish I had known how to access my loans and whether or not I had summer homework.


I wish that I had known that this school offered a dental post-bac program and a dental advisory committee. It would have been very helpful in giving me assistance throughout my undergraduate studies. I definitely regret not knowing so. However, I don't regret not knowing because I have learned many things, grown, and became a stronger person as a result of the alternativre path I had taken to get here where I am today. Although, I'm now a few years behind, I'm glad that I have a chance to experience other things and had fun.


I wish I would have had a better handle on what I wanted to do. I also wish I would have had a better idea of how to pay for school ahead of time. I ended up changing majors which delayed my graduation. I am still trying to finish up the last few required classes, but since I am supporting myself, I had to take some time off and attend part time in order to afford to go. After high school it seems like they just dump you in the world with no crash course for college.


What I wish I would have known before coming to San Francisco State would probably have to be the difficulty of finding a place to live. Being underage and attending college but not getting dorm space made it difficult to find a place to live, the landlords that I would usually talk to would not let me rent their apartment , so I had to get a roommate that was 18 so we could both find a place to live.


I wish I would have know what I wanted to go to school to become so I would have taken the right general education classes my first year. I also wish I would have known that there are not many openings in the science related classes so you have to register as early as possible to get in.


I don't wish I knew anything. I loved figuring out everything for myself. If I had known things prior to attending San Francisco State, that would have taken all the fun out of experiencing it for myself.


I wish I had known more about the different art majors. At SFSU we have both a Broadcasting major and a Film major and I was not aware of the difference until I started going to the school, which meant I had to change my major my sophmore year. I also wish I would have known about life outside of campus more, although discovering things about the city on my own and with my friends has been quite a journey.


I would have loved to know how exspensive it is to live in the city of San Francisco. Also SFSU has many graduation requirements that other schools do not require


I wish I had known that there is nothing wrong in going to a community college, and that there are so many more scholarships available to high school students then there are to undergraduates. I wish I had known that the SATS are a waste of time, and that seeing a counseler can mean the difference between wasted years and perfect planning. Most of all, I really wish that I hadn't let others decide my future before I had a true say, and that I had thoroughly explored my options before deciding on my path to my career.


How hard it was going to be finding a cheap place to live


I wish I would have been more educated about learning how to study properly. Although I was enrolled in AP classes in high school Learning how to study was never a real priority...Now it is what passing a class really comes down too. Even if you complete every homework assighnment you will not truely benefit without knowing how to properly study.


Before I came to this school, I wish I had known that the school fees would increase significantly compared to the past years. It's difficult for many people because they are struggling financially, and I most definitely would not want to be one of those people, so this scholarship would really help out a lot. Along with the increasing school fees, my parents' salaries are being reduced significantly and I look forward to fulfilling my dream of becoming a pediatrician. Without money to support myself, this scholarship would change everything.




The only thing is if I were to have a major in mind so i can easily go towards that direction without taking other unneccessary courses, both GE and majors.


I would still attend this school if I had known but would have attended a little later so that I can save money by working low-paying minimum wage jobs. In any case, attending the school for it's economic situation or knowing that the economic situation -- both worldwide and domestically, would still make me attend my current school for all it's qualifications that fulfill my standards.


Before I came to this school, I wish I had known how to obtain Cal Grants. If I had gotten grants, I would not have had to get loans for the past 2 years and I would not be in debt to the government.


That there was a recession on the horizon. I wouldn't have taken out loans to complete school and I wouldn't have left my job to finish senior year faster.


I wish I knew about all of the requirements needed to graduate. San Francisco State University has many different segments which are clusters of classes needed to graduate from the University. When talking with my friends, they are usually shocked to hear how many classes I need to take in general education to graduate from San Francisco State. Students at San Francisco State tend to find themselves remaining longer than four years, because of all of the requirements.


Nothing really, I'm not easily bogged down by the unexpected!


I wish I would have known how much tuition would be increasing.


I learn as I's part of growing up.


I just wish I had known more about financial aid and how to obtain scholarships and such.


Budget cuts of state school




This school is a commuter school so students are always busy with something; therefore it is difficult to hang out with someone on a whim.


I wish I had known more about the extracurricular activities offered and the clubs and organizations around the school. I also wish I knew a little bit more about how the classes are scheduled and what each of the course numbers stood for.


I know this sounds silly but I wish I knew the true cost of college in the Bay Area including living expenses it is not cheap to live here! I wish someone told me to save up more before I moved here.


One of the things I wished I had known before I started attending SFSU was a bit more about how the classes were going to be. At SFSU, when you start attending new classes each semester, you can never be quiet sure how the class is going to be, so that is something that I wish I had know before hand.


In hindsight, I wish I had known the importance of reaching out to other students and staff. It wasn't until my final few semesters that I realized the reward of sharing and expressing my personal goals within my school community. Especially at this particular college, others are extremely open in helping and guiding you through your personal academic journey. Through this collaboration and synergy between students and staff, the sometimes scary and undefined journey becomes a very attainable and rewarding endeavor.


I wish I had know that tuition was going up the second semester I attended. Now the fourth semester I am going to enroll in is going to experience severe budget cuts. Some classes that I need may not be available, so my education may be prolonged and it will eventually cost me more than I had anticapated. I also wish that I knew the economy would be in turmoil like it is now.


I wish I had known what I wanted to major in. When I got to SF State, I started off majoring in Creative Writing. I soon realized I did not need a major to learn how to write fiction, and I had no idea what job I could get with a Creative Writing degree besides writing stories and novels. I switched over to Journalism, which I enjoy and have also discovered I could put my creative writing skills to use. However, because I took so long figuring out what I wanted to major in, I will take longer to graduate.


I wish that I had known the difficulty to enroll in classes. I also would have liked to have known all of the requirements for my major. the school breaks down its graduation requirements very well but there was no hint at how many requirements there actually were.


How challenging, competitive and, yet, rewarding it is.


I wish I would have known how expensive it is to live in the city.

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