San Francisco State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend San Francisco State University?


People who have no interest in learning or can't adjust with San Francisco's bi-polar weather.


A close-minded, racist, or sexist person shouldn't attend my school. People who like to be alone and who don't like to meet new people also shouldn't attend my school.


I think anyone should attend this school. I love this school.


Anybody who appreciates a school that is administered in a competent and efficient manner should not attend this school.


One who is involved in sports or social activities


Any body who is smart and wants to learn should go here. I feel it is an excellent school for the major I have taken, Technical and Professional Writing. I plan on documenting software and teaching others how to use computers.


A close-minded conservative who does not appreciate understanding the cultures of others.


I would not encourage someone who is a homebody or afraid to come into new situations frequently to attend this school because it is in a busy metropolitan city that can be initmidating unless you know what you're getting into. Also I would not recommend this school for persons who are not open minded to all types of people since this is a very diverse campus where you will encounter persons from all walks of life.


There are definately people who should shy away from SFSU- those people can best be discribed as those who want to go to college for the "college experience" (Aka: pep rallies and football games and everyone joins a sorority). They're in for a rude awakening when they show up, because SFSU is a commuter college where people are much more focuses on the enlightening aspect of post secondary school. People who have a difficult time adapting to new surrounding should also not attend here. They just won't be happy at SFSU because everyone is so unique.


Many of the students that attend San Francisco State University are diverse and I believe someone that is very conservative and not open to the ideas of others shouldn't attend this school.