San Francisco State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Well, I havent attended yet so I cant answer, but I can answer about my previous school which was a JC. I would say to stay focused on school only, if your going to college to be social, hang out, etc. well, you better rethink your priorities. College shouldnt be a social extension of High School, it should be a place to further your education, to prepare yourself for life and what it has to offer. Study study study. Dont fall behind, if you do youll be in big trouble trying to catch up.


If only I had known that the school was a commuters school and that it had no school spirit, I would have attended a different school, where it would be easier to make friends so that I would not have to feel so alone when I am far away from any family and friends from back home.


I wish I would’ve known that there was not a strong school spirit around San Francisco States athletic teams. San Francisco State is a great school, but it’s a commuter school. I also wish I would have known that there was no football team. I felt the desire to really want to be apart of a school that spent their Friday nights together watching their football team play other schools. This is a very spiritual experience for a lot of students; it’s what brings students together that are from different graduating classes.


There is not a lot of activity on campus on the weekends. But I like that because it encourages students to have a social life that does not depend on the school environment.


I wish i knew the meaning of life before coming to this school, but since probably no one will ever fully grasp that concept, I will settle for knowing how to cook better.


I wish I had known that cultivating lasting relationships with professors and community leaders would be as important to my professional future as doing well in my classes.


As much as I enjoy living in this beutiful city of San Francisco, I wish I would have known the price of living in the Bay Area. The cost of rent for a small room in a boarding house is equivlant to rent for a full size house in other locations.


I wish I had known a little more about the social activities available to the students at San Francisco State University before I came here. I also wish I had known a little more about the courses available for students.


With California’s current budget crises it is a hard time to be a student at a California state school. You have very little choices as to what classes you take and with witch teachers.


i wish i haved learned anything because ,i like where i stand in my academic as of right now .