San Jacinto Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


San Jac is always in growth or repair modes. the campuses are laid out like a typical university with walk ways between buildings that are at least 2 stories tall. some buildings are more utilitarian than others. many are over 50 years old.


School serves a diverse ethnic community with programs ranging from vocational to professional, giving students from all walks of life and all economic status' a quality eduaction.


San Jacinto is a small, community school that is truly dedicated to helping students who wish to learn become the best they can be; where the teachers care so much more about their students' success than about their income and are willing to help the students to the best of their ability.


San Jacinto College, opening in 1961 with its headquarters in Pasadena, Texas, serves seven different school districts in the greater Houston area, has three different campuses (North, South, and Central), offers a wide variety of Associate degree programs, and has a select number of extracuricular sports teams that play in the National Junior College Athletic Association.


San Jacinto College is a small school with great benefits.


While my school is only a small two year community college, it's one of the most respected schools in my area. Most graduating seniors attend San Jacinto college before transferring to a larger four year school. The campus is very open and a great place to absorb knowlege.


San Jacinto College is clean, fun and very easy to find your way around.