San Jacinto Community College Top Questions

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small classroom sizes


Classes at San Jacinto are alot smaller and they dont have more then 20 students in each class.The other colleges i considered in highschool were alot bigger and consisted of more then 5o students in each class.. San Jacinto professors are able to give you more one on one time and focus on your weakest and strongest points in the subject.


San Jacinto really caters to their students. I have never attended any other college but I feel I would not be treated as well. I believe that I why I have been attending San Jac for so long!


San Jacinto offers a program for a piloting program which is unique to other schools. This is why I chose San Jacinto for my schooling.


Cheaper tuition for the same educational purposes and goals, along with helpfull teachers and administrative staff. Small class room populations, acess to all the tools necsessary for success. Small campus allows easy mobilty.