San Jacinto Community College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


I've been told that they have a good academic program here allowing kids to break out of their shell


Most professors know their classes by name by the 4th week of school. the standard for 3 hrs in class you will spend between 3 and 6 out of class studying is still in effect. many classes encourage participation. I currently hold two Associate degrees from San Jac. one in computer science and one in biology. every professor i have had has worked in the real world doing something in the field that they are teaching in. My Computer networking teacher had a day job with the Harris Co crime lab as a network admin with 15 years experience on the job. and my Biology teacher was a neuro-pathologist studying brain wave patterns for over 20 years. This style of education is geared toward not just getting a job but developing study habits for while you are on the job.


One main thing prosepective students want to know is am I just a number to my teacher or does he really know my nam. Well at San Jacinto College the Professor all try hard to learn the students name. My favorite class I took was Microbiolgy and Pathology, the lab part is what i enjoyed the most because it was very hands on we were always doing experiments. Education is key at this school they provived free tutouring and labs to help students if they are struggling. Also the school has college transfer days and job fare days as welll.