San Jacinto Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


As a first year attendee at San Jacinto, I have not found anything frustrating about my school.


small campus, the people the go there are not active and social


One of the more frustrating areas is the way teachers teach you. I attended a University last semester and the style of teaching is completely different. If wanting to transfer to a four year institution, a little extra work is needed in order to be able to adapt to the Universty style teaching.


Frustration is really about how you handle things and how you organize yourself in school. If you prepare yourself for class and keep your self organize there shouldnt be anything frustrating about school.


The parking is by far the most frustrating thing about San Jacinto College. There is not nearly enough parking for the large amount of students and faculty at San Jacinto College.


The most frustrating thing about San Jacinto College is the parking.


The most frustrating thing about San Jacinto is that I don't feel like I have any school mates that have any ambition to succeed.


Probably the single most complaint many students have about any college (aside from tuition, room & board) are the textbook prices, which seems a pretty standard complaint throughout any schools of higher education. While I understand the concept of the school generating more money from the textbook manufacturer, the fact that it comes at the expense of the student seems blatantly absurd. Textbooks do not need to be replaced and updated every year with an even more expensive version. The subject change is not great enough to even justify annual new editions, most especially within the core courses.


To me theres not really a frustating thing in this school probably the closest thing to frustration would have to be parking space.