San Joaquin Delta College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for their koi pond. It is a beautiful thing to see when I am walking to class. Another thing the school is know for is their nursing and cooking program. They are known to be one of the bests and most afforadable.


San Joaquin Delta College is known for it's diversity. There's students that attend and commute from the whole San Joaquin Valley and past it as well. It also has a wide range of the student's ages that attend. Some are actually high schoolers to people in their fifties as well. It's a nice aspect because being a student at Delta College you're able to learn and meet a variety of people and grow from them.


Delta College is known for being one of the best Comunity Colleges. They accept every person who is willing to further their education and they make it easier for everybody. Delta provides financial help, day-care, and many more services to help students complete their education. Delta is also very known for having great programs and learning communities.


Delta College has two amazing programs. Many theater majors transfer to larger universities, and recieve a bachelors in their related emphasis. Likewise, many people transfer to Delta specifically for the Nursing program, which has a longer wait list than most universities.


My school is well known for science and liberal arts because they strive for excellence in everything they do .


I honestly do not know what Delta College is known for. People who have attended generally say it is a good school.


I think my school is known for its small size. Most classes have a maximum of 30 students, and professors are usually available to help students in need.


A community college where is oped to everybody, every one can atten san joaquin delta college at any age range. have a good service that peoples needed, and a good enviroment place...

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