San Joaquin Delta College Top Questions

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It's unique in the sense that it's a really big high school.


A lot of people who went to my high school mostly go to that community college, so that gives you your friends and will never be alone.


San Joaquin Delta College is unique because i thought i was going to go away to a university. Instead i am at a community college and it is really great. I am getting my general courses out of the way, which is a great way to save money. At Delta i also have the opportunity to grow up a bit more before i leave to be on my own.


My school has many great classes that are offered. The instructors are very great and they do care about seeing you succeed!


free education.. excellent service and near home


It's a community college and the only option in the area. However, despite the circumstances, it's very efficient.


One of the qualities I enjoy about my school is that it's a smaller campus. I feel the teachers are way more personal with the students and that gives students a more comfortable atmosphere allowing us to do our best. Another thing that I admire is our office staff is persistant and very helpful compared to other office staff that I've encountered. What I love the most about my college is that all my closest friend's attend it!


The unique thing about Delta College is the wide array of cultural influences that are represented at the school. Because the student body is made up of multiple cultural backgrounds, the college is able to introduce and share the unique cultural differences amongst the student body. This is a wonderful way to learn about the cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles of the student population.

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