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San Joaquin Valley College-Rancho Cucamonga

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What is your overall opinion of this school?

I LOVE my school. My teachers are so wonderful, I feel like there is no way I can fail a class, the teachers are always sure to support you and set you up for success. The classes are not huge, so you are able to get the time you need with your teacher. When I let people know that I attend San Joaquin Valley College I get a ton of questions about how much I like it, was it the right choice, do I feel confident that i am learning what I need to know? I cannot imagine answering any of those in a negative way. I know I made the right choice, my teachers love their job.. which means they care about teaching me so that I learn everything I need to know to become successful. I have not encountered one negative experience with my school or had anyone say anything negative about their experience. The faculty and staff, no matter what department have been kind and helpful in anyway possible.

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