San Jose State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It's diversity.


SJSU is known mostly for its kinesiology, child developement/ teaching, nursing and engineering programs. What it's really known for is being over crowded and overpriced. With some financial scandals that have hit the school, it leaves students wondering where our money goes and why we have to pay so much without seeing results somewhere. Students notoriously are unable to get into classes because sections are constantly getting cut and so are class sizes. I enjoy the smaller class sizes but we need more sections. Otherwise, I'd say we are known as an incredibly diverse university.


Our school is mostly known for its diversity, the opportunitues for growth due to its location in silicon valley and this little mexican taqueria that's across the street, La Victoria. San Jose state is its own culture, made up of many different people. It's amazing and unique.


Our computer engineering program and business programs.


It's known for Business and Engineering type of degrees.


My school is probably most known for the tower lawn.


They are best known for preparing their enegineering/electronics students for a profession within the silicon valley. They are also known for having an art program that prepares them for a profession in Pixar.


We're known as a "commuter school", which is a label I detest, as it implies that people are just here for academics and for everything else, one should go to San Francisco. Some friends of mine started a monthly zine called 'San Jose is Lame Because You're Lame' that advertises events all over the city. There are art walks, mass bike rides, secret concerts, food truck nights, and all sorts of fun, unique things to do in my city and I hope that someday these things are what San Jose State is known for.




SJSU is mostly known for its engineering and business department.


SJSU is known for its location in Silicon Valley, and that it is part of the system that prepares people for good careers.


My school is best known for having a wide variety of majors to study. I feel that this is good for those who are indecisive and need options such as those given at my campus. This allows students to explore a variety of courses and see what best fits their interests. There are classes offered in the fall semester for freshman to help make the transition from highschool a bit easier as well. It is also about an hour drive to San Francisco which is a great place to visit over the weekends.


San Jose State University is probably best known for its' science program.


San Jose State is well known for having the football., throught its more known for major that are impacted. San Jose State has the greatest teaching program that its impacted. There is also the nursing and business that are impacted major programs. The nursing program for instance is very impacted and certain and not all students that apply for the program get in. Its well known for impacted programs.


I honestly don't know the answer to this one.


San Jose State is best known for the diversity of the students and faculty, and the different programs and majors available to the students. For example, I am a nursing major, and they have a well known nursing program. San Jose State also has a very developed engineering faculty since it is in the Silicon Valley. The school is very close to many different ethnic places or districts so to speak. For example, Little Saigon is about two exits away, and Japan Town is practically neighbors to SJSU. In conclusion, SJSU offers a diverse population and good programs and majors.


San Jose State University is know for the extreme diversity of students and how there is no majority or minority. This creates an amazing environment to live in and teaches students so much about how other cultures live and allows students to meet people they never thought they would interact with.


They are known for the nursing program and engeenering program.


Offer degrees that other schools do not


My school is so career oriented! I love it!!


My brother tells me that San Jose State University is best known for business. One aspect that makes this school the best to me is that it has very fun and engaging professors. The professors here are also researchers in the field so they would sometimes let us students come along to see what is like and do extra out of school learning.


I suppose it depends on what you are planning on doing at SJSU. For me it is known for it's great engineering programs. But I know the business dept is also top notch. So again depends on what you are looking for. Overall the school has one of the best water programs to minimize wasted water in the CSU system (though it could still use a lot of improvement). A fun fact is about the Tower on campus, which is actually the third carnation of the tower. The first burnt down within a year of it's construction.


Research facilities


My school is known for their Engineering and Business courses.


My school is best known for their prestigious engineering program as well as their business program. They have the most available classes and funding out of all the majors. Given that we are located in Silicon Valley, there are plenty of opportunities for internships and work experience in this area. Our sports teams, especially football, are also one of the top ranked in California. Jeff Garcia, the former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, attended San Jose State as well.


The focus on Business and Engineering majors because the school is strong in those fields.


Good program for animation./illustration majors


My school was best known for its diversity and culturally backgrounds.


My university is best known for our business and engineering program. Our school provides graduates to our community, Silicon Valley. We have a good on campus enviornment for students to interact with each other because our school is really compact compare to most other schools. We also have a good off campus enviornment since San Jose State University is located in downtown San Jose. My school is also known for our diversity, because my school is one of the most diverse university in California.


Known for our college of engineering


I think SJSU is well known for our school spirit. Students and faculty alike are proud to be spartans! I think the students are admired for living well balanced lives in which social life, and school are balanced. Attendance at school events is usually high. Lastly the school's student body counsel is excellent; it is particularly demonstrated by students working in the housing department. On campus living provides lots of activities for students to attend and makes meeting new people easy.


San Jose State is best known for being in the Silicon Valley. Many of the departments here are the best in the state of California. The Justice Studies department being within the top 5 in the state, as well as the Psych department. San Jose State is also a commuter school. :)


San Jose State University is known for its engineering department and master's programs.


San Jose State University is best known for diversity. We are the most diverse school in California and among the top in the nation.


One of the things SJSU is best known for is its excellent and extensive Journalism program.


It has some good departments- music for example.


Being in the heart of the Silicon Valley


Programs like Industrial Design, Graphic Design and Animation.


It is best known for the diversity of its students, in the heart of the Silicon Valley.


Not sure


Students that come to school in the morning and leave at night. They are only focused on edcaution, not extra-curriclar activities.


My school has a great football team and a beautiful campus.


Diversity, computers/engineering, sports, post-graduation work finding


The art and engineering departments