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San Jose State University is more diverse compared to all of the other schools I had applied too. I read online that this school has the most amount of foreign exchange students in the country. Also, this is just a good school.


At San Jose, the diversity is amazing! There are wonderful people from all around the world here. Everyone is welcoming and friendly and wants to share the experience with you. San Jose is absolutely beautiful all year around. They offer something for everyone and if you can't find something that interests you, you can always start a club or even fraternity or sorority!


San Jose state university is located right in the center of silicon valley, and it is extrememly diverse. Something I love about this school is the variety of people I meet on a daily basis. There is a little bit of everything. I am from Southern california so I wanted a change, therefore I moved up north which is great. This school is mostly a commuter school but there are infinite ways to get involved to promote many opportunities for students.


Super Diverse. Down to earth.


It is considered #1 in Business and Engineering, popular in the High-tech world. I feel very happy and special to be a student at SJSU.


San Jose State University encourages students to express themselves no matter what issue it is about.


The unique thing about San Jose State University is the diversity and culutural competence the campus presents. No matter who you are or what your personality is like, you will more than likely feel comfortable on this campus.


It's really diverse, I've met so many different cultures, religous back grounds, people from different countries, and people with different views from me. I've learned a lot from the month I been here. It has opened my eyes to a lot more than just my culture. The people here are nice ,easy to get a long with, and make you want to stay.


San jose State is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley of the San Francisco Bay Area. This gives students at SJSU an advantage in career opportunities. Many large corporations in the area locally hire and recruit largely from SJSU. Furthermore, being in downtown San Jose, there is virtually always something to do beyond academics. This provides for a great collegiate atmosphere. There is also a large Greek community on campus. There are social, ethinc, and career based greek organizations on campus, which allows for students to network and expand their horizons exponentially.


The level of education and cost of education at SJSU cannot be compared and be better than anywhere else. SJSU has great teachers with a lot of opportunites to expand your education. Since SJSU is in the Silicon Valley all tech fields have a big opportunity. And, cost of tuition is super low and even more if you are a California resident. Also, it has one of the best libraries in the country.


The social aspect at SJSU is very unique. It's a meshing of students from various cultural backrounds that make this enviorment very rich.


There are a lot of different programs available for different students. It is located in a downtown area, so there is constantly a lot of people everywhere. It is a commuter school, which allows you to meet a variety of different people.


The professors at QCC are intuned to each student and know they are there to help students progress to the next step. Every staff member is eager to answer any questions and makes a student feel as though they are important and special. Even though they are growing by leaps and bounds and provide a solid education at reasonable prices, classrooms are still a proper size for each student to get proper attention. I cannot say enough about this staff and QCC professors!


I love that my school is very socially involved. There are so many clubs and groups at my school that it is easy to find people who have similar interests to you.


San Jose State University has the multi-cultural mix that best exemplifies our world and neighborhoods. This school is unique in its diversity which will better prepare us for real life. This school is also a Division I Athletic school, and I play Softball for San Jose State. There are many opportunities for Community Service life and is very active in the community that it is in, and I think that is a very important fact that also helps us help to take care of others in our communities and around the world. San Jose State Rocks!


San Jose State has proven to be a strange school insofar as it has such an extrodinarily diverse makeup. There are, of course, several different races and cultures throughout the school, but what surprises a silent observer like myself so much is the clique diversity. As you walk through the grassy quads of SJSU, it is not uncommon to walk past a group of preparatory fellows, artistic women, or even the occasional skateboarding group. It seems that San Jose State is a mere meeting place for thousands of young adults from all around the world to congregate.


We offer majors that most schools in california do not like aviation and occupational therapy program. the OT program is one of the best programs. Students at sjsu are mostly working, so they find a balance of school work and social life and know the value of hard work.


San Jose State University is in the heart of my beloved city, San Jos?. I have lived here most of my life and I decided that I wanted to stay here for college because it has such a great community and an exciting environment. Wherever you go, there is something bound to please your palette; whether that means the arts, science and technology, or literature. Most importantly, the people in San Jose are so welcoming and friendly. Why go to a new city to find other adventures, when there are so many for me here, just waiting to be discovered?


We are one of the few schools that offer hospitality management as a major. We also have the largest library west of the Mississippi.


San Jose State provides me with the option to go home on the weekends, unlike other schools I considered. I live fairly closeby, but still live on campus this year as an attempt to create a social standing for myself by being invloved in various on-campus activities. San Jose State also had a business school unlike one of the other schools I got accepted to. I enjoy the perk of having free VTA use on buses and trains throughout the valley as this helps me get to and from home without a car.


Everything is cramped on campus that it's all in a range of at least 10-15 minutes. It's also helpful to have the housing on campus unlike UC Berkeley.


San Jose State University is the best school in California, if not the country, for people who want to become teachers. I've always wanted to become a teacher. And they are the only college in the area that has a marching band. Otherwise you would have to go to southern California, or northern to Fresno State.


Whats unique about my school is that they place people in dorms of different races in each room


It is local and accessible from work and home.


It feels like a small community smack dab in down town San Jose. You have the benifits of downtown but it's also extremely safe and comforting. The city is extremely supportive of the campus and worked together to give us a great library. 8 floors of books, tables, study rooms, and people to help you with your school work. The engineering dept is aimed at silicon valley; we have seminars every thursday with professionals in the area and the dept takes advice directly from alumni and industry.


Very ethnically diverse. Good nursing program. Unique Health Science program.


This is school is racially diverse. Everyone is friendly and the vibe is really good.


My school has been around for over a hundred years. It is also in the heart of the Silican Valley where technology companies started and gained major recognition world wide. I chose San Jose State University because it is actively involved in engaging students and corporations to work together. Most students who graduate from San Jose State get hired immidiately. San Jose State is also my home.


it is in the heart of the bay area, therefore gaining knowledge from such a technology-savvy community.


it's in silicon vallley and in the bay area. if you can't find a job or internship in the city, you can go to a neighboring town by BART or train or lightrail.


I figured that a school in a large city would be more likely to attract professors and students who were more inclined to a city life, and therefore more business oriented.


It was close to downtown so you have a lot of restaurants that are walking distance. Less smogy than some big cities.


it is mostly a commuter school but the greek life is very close knit.


That it is right in the middle of the city. You can walk around everywhere and find restaurants and shops everywhere. it makes it easier to hang out with friends and go to places to meet. I like that i walk around and see what the city has to offer.


Our library is pretty big...8 floors. The setting is like tropical/ old times.


San Jose State is known for it's amazing academics and location in the heart of sillicon valley. Its very close to the city (San Francisco) and is close to home.