San Jose State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The only bad thing about San Jose is that it is in a bad neighborhood so always rememeber to walk with a group of people instead of alone.


This school is suppose to be a four year institution but instead it is turning into a five year institution. Less than 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students graduate in four years. Students in the animation program are expected to graduate in 5 to 7 years. Students are not warned before signing up for this school or programs. Due to learning this in my third week of school in an animation major assembly, i had to rethink my college experience. I had to switch from the animation program to graphic design, to save me money.


Greenpeace hangs around and bothers me.


How difficult it can be to access healthier food options without spending a fortune. We have a dining commons but sometimes the food doesn't always have the best options. The salad bar can be unattractive or not well prepared. I also don't like how just anyone can walk onto our campus. I understand it's an open campus but the safety rate can be unnerving sometimes.


I sometimes fear for my safety as I see on the local news of campus crimes such as robberies, etc. In addition, the campus is in an urban (large city) area where many homeless and high crime happenings exist exactly where the campus sits. Moreover, I have been lately nervous about any school campus as today in the US, the school shooting and decreased safety events seem to be increasing.


Financial is not distributed on a merit basis. So although I did exceptional last semester and got a 4.0, I am still not receiving any aid. Whereas students who do not do academically well tend to receive financial aid due to need. I believe everyone should receive a college education. However, I am now struggling to pay for tution.


availability of classes and scholarships


The quality of the some of the teachers isn't as great as i'd like it to be. I wish they were more engaging and nice.


SJSU is a California state school and has been suffering greatly during the economic crisis. The tuition is too high.


The wost thing about my school is that they are not much one-on-one with teachers unless you visit them during their office hours. The best thing about my major (Biology), is that not many people want to do it, so we get a lot more attention from our advisors because they deal with less students as oppose to with other advisors.


The worst thing I would consider would be the fact that they are cutting down classes and raising tuition


I would have to say the worse thing about my school is trying to find parking around the campus becuase sometimes i will be driving up and down the streets hunting for a spot and when i finally find one i end up being late for my class.


The worst thing about SJSU is that it is so big, some times i have to run to make it across campus to make it to my next class.


I consider the worst this the impact on sororities and faternities. I hated when they would make everyone who was not involed as an outcast I just felt like everyone should have been included.


The worse thing I consider about San Jose State Universtiy, is the recent tuition hikes, being college is hard and stressful enough. However, when tuition was hiked it just added to the stress that was already there.


It's a commuter campus, mainly, so sometimes it's difficult to make friends if you, yourself, commute. But if you get plugged in, it's really no problem at all.


parking garage is always full. i rather walk arround and not drive. There is too many cars trying to park even though a lot of garages structures are available on campus.


The worst at SJSU I might have to say that it is that it does not have some field of studies like architecture. If it would have it, I would have continue my graduate studies at SJSU.


Depending on the class students are not very friendly or willing to conversate.


In spite of what some people say, my experience at SJSU was a good one. I felt that I got a good education (I got my BA there in 1996), my instructors were great, etc. I just believe that pretty much any college is decent-so much has to do with the way that the student chooses to view the situation. If I had to say something bad about it, I guess the worst thing for me was the attitude that some of the kids had-like they were still in high school. Really immature.


The school I go to is brilliant. I love the campus for what it is, but aside from the pressure with paying textbooks, tuition, transportation, and class limitations (especially this semester's school budget issues), I believe things get only better once the student pushes himself to a limit of motivation, and balancing to keep up with school work. The challenges faced with financial struggles of family members, transportation, and school is tough, because they all create a huge impact on the student's performance in school.


The worst thing about my school is probably that it is such a large commuter school. It is easy to get lost in the 30,000 students attending the school and classes can sometimes be difficult to get but as long as you stay on top of your work and use the resources on campus to help you it's not that bad at all.


The worst thing I consider about my school is the difficulty in scheduling classes due to the state-wide budget cuts. Because of this difficulty, numerous students have trouble in qualifying for necessary financial aid due to the number of units they are currently enrolled in.


I believe that San Jose State has a problem with losing information and keeping up with it as well.


Having your personal belongings stolen in junior high or high school is, to me, acceptable, but when it comes to college campuses theft is unacceptable. Adults should not steal becuase they know better and although there are securities patrolling the garages, things still get stolen. Not only personal belongings in car trunks, but bikes (or bike parts) are being stolen as well. That's a downer, but I suppose it happens everywhere.


The worst thing about my school is the number of students they are admitting and the number of classes they are offering because the latter makes it hard to get the credits that are needed to graduate. The budget cuts have really affected the school, they are admitting less students, including tranfer students. The amount of students in a class has also been reduced, which can be a positive thing if for students who actually make in the class. Hopefully, this is a temporary problem.


One of the worst things about my school is it's location. Although it is right next to downtown, it is very hard to find a part-time job in the surrounding area. Therefore, if you are without a vehicle, its hard to find a part-time job that is nearby. It is also harder to get to essential places such as grocery stores, hospitals, and shopping.


Lack of healthy and diverse food choices in the dining commons and food places around campus!


The worst thing about my school is all the crime that seems to be occuring. Crimes such as stealing and harrasment. I know people who have been harrased by people who just walk on to the campus.


The worst thing about my school is sometimes it takes a long time to get answers from the administration about financial aid and other school realated stuff. Jobs are very limited due to large budget cuts.


Right now the worst thing about my school is they are doing furlough days where they cut classes and students cannot advance in their education. It affects many different type of students as students that have to study hard by getting grants in based by the GPA. The budget cuts are so bad, it causes students to become stress and classes are also cut down and professor are laid of. This causes a shoratage in certain areas in the education that students are misssing.


I feel as if I am planning my education by myself and that the school if very disorganized. Class schedules are changing, inconclusive and teachers seem to just show up, lecture and leave. When one has to file a form one must plan for long waits multiple paper work and patients for approval if it is applicable. Advisors are overwhelmed, so the best thing to do is look up your major's four year plan and go off that online; the avisors use the same one.


As the California budget cuts have affected the schools and communities in the East Bay, San Jose State University is one of those schools. Due to the budget cuts, classes have been getting filled faster and with more students trying to add classes they want, students have been failing to do so from lack of room. To summarize, the worst thing about San Jose State University is the lack of classes available for eager students to add the classes they want due to budget cuts, and furlough days where the faculties get "days off" due to budget cuts.


My dream of persuing my passion for dance in college has be unfulfilled due to budget cuts. The school will not allow me to take more than fourteen credits, so my goal to become a teacher and dancer is unattainable. Instead, I must spend all of my units on preparing for teaching, leaving no space for exploring other interests. This year fees have been increased and classroom time has been decreased. I have the motivation to take more classes, but the budget is holding me back.


The internet, the homeless people surrounding campus, and the cost of supplies from campus (books, water, food) are the worst.


As of now with recent budget cuts, the expenses brought on the students by the school feel quite overwhelming and stressful. Each semester, tuition has steadily risen, and even with financial aid I can feel the squeeze put on by the budget cuts. Parking is also difficult to find sometimes, as I am a commuter student.


The worst part of San Jose State University and I am sure many other schools is the cut of classes and paying more money for less education. My teacher's have to take days off rather they want to or not and even though students' always like not having class, we also are in college for a reason and that is to better our learning and experience. I feel like this is hurting the school and the students and not preparing us like we should be.


i Hate the quality of advising because they focus on getting you to graduate instead of finding something that really makes you happy doing and pushing you towards that goal. Due to budget cuts and IMPACTION and my GPA i had to drop from Civil/Environmental Engineering(which i LOVE and expect to go back to once i become financially stable) and go into a major that supposedly "closely related". Although i made the change of major in a matter of seconds, being in Manufacturing Systems major is not bad and enjoy the "hands-on" teaching method.


The worst thing about my school is definitely the price to attend here. As in all state universities, we are victims of budget cuts, furlough days, and rising prices and fees in all areas, such as housing and tuition. It isn't tight that we are paying more for less education. It is like we are being played by the system. Many students are forced to drop out because of the increased prices and in the future, makes it more difficult for them to transfer or obtain a degree from a more prestigious college.


The worst thing about my school is that it is getting stricter and stricter with studentswho do not pass their classes because they will drop you, if you keep failing.


The unfortuate budget cuts that are going on in all of the CSUs.


Budget cuts and the limits of seats and classes.


The maximun capacity for a class because there are many students that cannot get into the classes that they need.


Well right now would be all the budget cuts and forlough days. We are not getting all the days that we used to get with the teachers but yet we are paying more.


The Worst thing about my campus is trying to add classes, because there are so many students in our school and classes are kept in a low number many students including myself had hard times trying to add the classes we need. Another bad thing will be the raise in tuition price, this is a major problem for me because there is no way i can come up with such a big amount of money while still attending school as a full-time student.


Some of the classrooms do not have aircondioning, and there is not a ton of school pride.


The worse thing at SJSU is the lack of consistency among departments. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of how work needs to be when each instructor has different expectations and requirements on the assignments given. For example I have had three teachers (from different departments) each assign an essay in a different format which makes it confusing when transitioning between assignments. But I do believe within each department the requirements are more consisten.


The worst thing is the tuition fees and room and board. Although if you live at home it's not that bad. However everything keeps going up every year, and we are losing out on a lot of things because of the money problem.


many of the students are "commuter students" and not as involved.


Organization. The staff associated with the programs offered should be better organized. Communication could be better as well.