San Jose State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who knows what job they want to do in life. Also engineers.


There is something for everyone in this school. Anyone should attend, as long as you are willing to work hard to achive your goals. Most majors are very competitive in the accpetance of te students, so first research what is best for your major and then go on from there.


Any person who is open minded and willing to try new things and meet people from all arounf the world should come here. Also, they should be able to balance their social life and academics since both play a strong role here.


Any person interested in a good education should attend my school. I have thus far recieved exceptional help from the instructors in my area of study and have gained much information needed in order to succeed. Any person that may be stuck or confused with their educational path can come to my campus and find all of the help they need. The staff is here to help, all that the students have to have is the drive and desire to learn what all of the instructors have to offer.


A person who knows what he/she is going to puruse because this school is academically focused and is very strict


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who wants to have a good education so they can have a good career in the future. Attend this school if you have a passion for learning and want to make a difference in the community.


Any person should be able to attend this school and enjoy it. The classes are not too big and the professors teach very well. There are many clubs and organizations to join. There is a very diverse community of students at the school and I believe that it is a great way to become associated with many different people of different backgrounds.


Business, engineer majors. Someone who likes downtowns and city areas.


Any student looking for a multi-cultural and diverse experience in the heart of a busy downtown urban city will love the setting of San Jose State University. Conveniently located near a major source of public transportation, San Jose State is relatively near every kind of store you would need to thrive in our economy. San Jose State University offers a large variety of majors including: many fields of engineering, business, economics, biology and an amazing kinesiology program. San Jose State University is a great school full of oppertunity if you are willing to strive for success.


The kind of person that should attend San Jose State University should be soemeone that is looking to interact with people in a diverse cultural environment, someone that is looking to learn and start their career within the Silicon Valley or the Bay Area, and someone that is willing and able to contribute to their commmunity.


SAn Jose State is not one of those schools that hand holds its students. You have to be focused and ready to take your life in your hands as no one guides you here. Therefore the type of student that goes here needs to have some direction and motivation to get through their 4 years in 4 years. Without that focus it could take a lot longer and as I plan to attend graduate school I don't want to waste my time messing around at school.


A person who has an open mind and willing to try something different. Also someone who likes a city enviornment.


A person who enjoys an urban environment, that is interested in some of the school's programs, and who would perfer being on the semester system instead of the quater system should attend this school.


Motivated, determined, and limitless potential. Are those the words that got you saying "hey, that's me!" inside that spontaneous mind of yours? If so, don't hesitate to plan a visit to San Jose State University to decide whether or not you enjoy the atmosphere that the university emits. With a diverse group of people, you are bound to love the campus.


I think SJSU is a great school for people from all different kinds of backgrounds. There is a lot of diversity on campus, and also a lot of assitance for those students that need extra help academically, as long as you are willing to use the help provided. I have friends in all different Majors at the University, and all of them seem to be very happy with the classes and instructors in their department.


Anyone who wishes to succeed in life and is willing to work hard for what they want.


The person should be at least driven; wanting to graduate in four years because these days its 4.5 years or longer. Know what you want before or choose undeclared and try everything. This is a commuter school, so do not be shocked to see nobody on campus Friday and Saturday. This is less focused on research but more on practical hands on, so if you are not a researcher type then its a good place.


I don't think there's any particular kind of person that should attend San Jose State because it is so diverse that everyone has a place with at least one type of group. There are not a lot of people who feel like they don't fit in, so I think any type of person is welcome at SJSU.


Anyone will feel like they belong in this school where there are a wide diveristy of students and things to do.


The person who should attend this college should be open minded and out going. San Jose State is located right in the City of San Jose, so there is alot that goes on. They have to be focused and hard working, because there is a lot of distractions that happen.


All kinds of people should attend SJSU. Someone with an open mind and a driven compassion for their education is a great addition to any school. It takes all kinds of people to make up a great student body, and all are needed to help enrich each others life. Although it helps to be serious about acedemics to stay at the university and to be successful in a career.


People who are open-minded and are willing to accept other, regardless of culture, race, disablilities, or sexual orientation. The college is located in the heart of downtown San Jose, so the nightlife is packed. The college itself is beautiful and it's environment is open and welcoming, so those who apreciate easthetics may enjoy the campus.


determined, competitive, confident, affluent


The kind of person who should attend San Jose State University is one that is a great student who has goals and wants to better themselves


Anyone who wants to get ahead and have a good experience doing it.


Someone interested in education leading to technical degrees.


someone who isnt looking to party all the time, who loves diversity, who lives at home


A person with goals in mind, a person who likes to be apart of something. Like I said before, one can find anything they are looking for here. We have competetive programs, diverse students, as well as many campus organizations. Someone who likes to be involved and driven for success; that is the kind of person who should attend this school.


The type of student that should be attend this school should be opened-minded and career-driven. There's a huge diversity at San Jose State Unitversity since the diversity is tremendous in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many individuals from different backgrounds and from all over the world want to be in the heart of the Silicon Valley since it's where the business and technology blooms. Attending this school means getting a great education in careers that are a great benefit to the Silicon Valley, as it would to the world.


A person who wants to attend school in a metropolitan area that is not a big, busy city should attend this school.


Who loves to make frienda easliy...


I think if you are wanting to be left to yourself and have good goals for yourself you should go here. People rarely talk to you here, but if you are an ourgoing person you'll be able to get them out of that shell and talk to them. There are some good people here, but sometimes it feels like the people here use this school to go to another school, or aren't to serious about least the kids that live on campus. SJSU was my only choice because I wanted to stay close to home.




Someone that is open to new experiences and new cultures. Someone that enjoys socializing and into school spirit!