San Jose State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing at my school is all of the diversity and opportunities to get involved. You get to learn so many things from different cultures and others get to learn about yours. There are many opportunities to get involved, whether it be fraternities, sororities, clubs & organizations, sports, community service opporutnites, there is something for everyone. You get to meet many people with the same interests as you and also many who have different opinions, but you learn to accept that everone has their personal experience and opinion.


There isn't a "typical" student. I have heard over a dozen different languages and seen every skin color, age and class level walk by me on campus. Everyone has a different goal and a different vision of how to achieve it. You aren't defined by your major here. You define what your major will do for you. San Jose State is a commuter school so people come from all over the Bay to study right next to me. It's an amazing opportunity to be able to converge with such a diverse group.


San Jose State's most alluring aspect is its social and academic atmosphere. Any incoming student will have no difficulty in attaing friends and an active social life. Prospective students who desire to learn in a milieu where it is not cut-throat, then this University will be the perfect fit for them. A student will not feel pressured or forced into a major that he or she does not want, and fellow students are ever helpful in assisting one another in academic pursuits.


People are accepting.


I think the best thing about San Jose State University is the cafeteria food. There is a HUGE variety of FOOD to choose from. My favorite is Panda Express. Aside from that, Subway, Jamba Juice, Burrito Factory, and so many more options are available. Yup, the food is definitely the best thing about San Jose aside from the quality education being offered.


I like that there are so many resources available for upcoming freshman and pretty much for anyone who wants or is seeking help, advice, or etc. One should always take advantage of these resources because they are there for a reason. There are many people who are willing to help others academically and who is willing to listen to students and help them with any advice or what not.


I consider the teachers on campus to be the best asset to the school. Every teacher I have encountered has acted in a way which indicates they are here to help the students as much as possible. Their heart is truly in their work and they really seem to care about the success of all of the students. They offer help in areas that they do not personally master just so the students know that they have someone to turn to. Their work and efforts is greatly appreciated.


I would say the trees. The beauty of our campus lies within our trees. They are very well taken care of and are all over our campus. I love the nature-like look that our school provides.


The best thing about my school has to be the teachers. I have to say that in my department of education, I have met many great teacher who are bright and wise. They have been teaching there for a long time and they have experience in the subject they teach. They teach with ease and they are very nice with students who need further assistance.


The best thing at San Jose I think is their volunteer section. They seem to be very involved in volunteering and giving back to the lower income community since they were once labled lower class which caught my attention.


I really enjoy the diversed environment that the school provides for everyone


San Jose State's immense diversity is the greatest thing about the university. Clubs ranging from the Black Student Union to Akbayan, a Filipino cultural club, celebrate the different cultures and ethnicities of the student body. Having such a diverse student body allows us to learn how to get along with others who might have different beliefs or opinions and give us a bigger perspective on the world around us. I have learned so much about cultures other than my own just by becoming friends and speaking with people in my classes and people I have met in the dormitories.


Many resources, computers, large library for studying. Small shops in the vicinity, tech companies. Culturally diverse city. Close to recreational facilities and other cities.


The best thing about my school was the ethnic diversity and the diversity of cultural and linguistic studies available. This was especially helpful for students, like myself, from disadvantaged and ethnic backgrounds to help assimilate in the college environment.


I like the peole which I have met here. There are many different types of people which attened san jose state university. The people i have met for the most part are aspiring because they work so hard to get what they want and want to create change in world. Most students at this univesity are working one or two jobs and it can be hard to meet people here and to do what you want to do.


The diversity and engaging community! If you look for it, there's a strong group of people at SJSU to connect to with similar passions.


The professors also taught at other schools such as Stanford or CAL, so you got a great education.


the class sizes easy for one one with teachers


It's a great diverse environment not only to meet friends but also future employers because we are in the heart of Silicon Valley where various types of employers are looking for college graduates. SJSU is also very diverse in it's academic programs as well as the instuctors. And, often times departments overlap so you get the chance to work with other majors and you are not limited to or confined to you own department. We are a diverse community in San Jose too, there's always something new to experience!


The simulated, "real life" projects were the best learning experience for me. It was great to do actual assignments that I would find in my career. They were challenging, fun, and related to the concepts of our field well. However, I do feel that, as in any assignment, many of them had certain rules I would changed.


There is a lot of diversity in this school both racially and academically. The range of classes you can take are great and I like the fact that I am beign exposed to a lot of different cultures. This is very important for me as I plan to major in psychology with a focus on diversity. The school also has a program to study aborad which I plan to make use of in my junior year.


SJSU oozes with diversity. It was the first school I attended that didn't have a majority in ethnic background. With different ethnicities also came diversity in other forms: gender identity, religion, socioeconomic status, abilities . . . SJSU was the epitome of America as a melting pot. America is a new soup recipe only in its infant stages of preparation. When freedom is the pot to hold everyone together, diversity is the ladle to stir everything. With different people, ideas, and values popping up everywhere, clashes and collides are bound to occur among the ingredients. But the students work it out well.


The best thing about San Jose State is the amount of help available, and the community it's in. Freshman live in the most communal dorms I could have imagined, so there's always opportunity to make new friends and develop a strong base for when you need help. The school itself does everything it can to help students succeed. They have many different programs to help students adjust better to campus life. There are so many resources available to get you through your classes. There's even a Peer Mentor Center! The school is geared toward the students: period.


The best thing about my campus is that it is a very diverse and welcoming campus. I also like the fact that it is in the bay area which makes me feel at home already and helped me transition well. I would recommend this school to anyone.


That it's so hard to pick one thing that is the best.


School is close to home and most of the students went to high school together.


The professionalism of the professors at my school is a very notable characteristic, I feel. They get down to business and are generally published experts in their field. Since I am a psychology student, I am more familiar with the psychology professors and have personally reviewed articles in published journals by the professors. The fact that I am being taught by an expert in the field is comforting and supporting in my pursuit of a good education .


The best thing about the school I attend would be that everyone is well organized. The instructors are really helpful and they really do care about the students. I really appreciate the help they have given me.


The best thing about SJSU is the proximity to Silicon-Valley companies. It's easier for students to work and attend classes since most of the students here work part-time. Internships are very important when looking for post-graduate jobs so the college career fairs with local companies helped tremendously. Going to interviews knowing that you have great experience makes it easier to compete with students from more prestigious schools. The tech industry is a great place to work because there is always new and exciting things happening and SJSU students have an opportunity to be at the forefront.


The best thing about my school is that there are different types of people who are kind and helpful.


Many activities to draw in students. Good nursing program


The college of engineering in San Jose State University. The university is known for its engineering college.


It is very diverse and in the center of downtown, close to everything. The teachers are very considerate and want to teach, and do it well.


Their ability to encourage students to participate in learning with the rest of the class. The teachers obviously can not make a student learn, but they definitely provide all the tools the students can utilize to learn.


don't know


There are a lot of classes that are smaller and therefore you get a lot of one on one time with the teacher. Students here are mostly school oriented so you always have a study partner.


Location, diversity, and majors.


The best thing about my school is the people. I love the students. Everyone in my class gets along great and we are always willing to help each other out. I also love the teachers.


I consider the best thing about our school to be our school pride. Everyone here likes being here. Anyone can find any kind of group they are looking to fit into, based on any number of factors. Because we have a place for everyone and anyone here, everyone feels like they belong here. This is my favorite thing about San Jose State.


Its diversity and its wide variety of majors and classes. Almost anyone would be able to find the major that fits them best.


The whole campus is wireless friendly and there are computer lab with uptodated technology. I love the labs.


San Jose State University, including the greater downtown area, is very artistic and has a lot of history!


The best thing about my school is the community. Everyone here seems to know everyone else and everyone is welcomed into the community of our university. People here are extremely friendly and are always there to help you. I've seen people fall off their skateboards and seen a group of people help them up go pick up the skateboard and ask them if they are ok. This school is fantastic in welcoming people to be a San Jose State Spartan.


The amount of science labs availabe because most schools have very few in comparison to San Jose State University.


I love the amount of diversity the campus has.