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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear Maggie, Make sure you put yourself out there to as many schools, scholarships and organizations as possible; give yourself options! And once you've done that, keep your options open! Just because it's far from home or outside of your comfort zone doesn't mean it should be crossed off your list of possibilities. Don't worry so much about making the perfect decision and having your life planned to the inth degree; enjoy the ride! After you've decided and you start University; continue to work hard but remember to take advantage of your college education. Talk with your professors; they are so much more than just lecturers! Spend time in the Student Union building, create or join study groups - you'll make amazing friends from those groups. Know that college is one of life's largest tools that shapes your character; look in the mirror from time to time and make sure you're seeing who you want to be.