San Juan College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is looking for a career in the oil field, or general course studies.


Everyone of all ages, which they do have in this school. I found this school to have a great attitude, with teachers who think outside of the box and who want their students to succeed in not only school but in life aswell.


Anyone could attend San Juan and enjoy it while learning. It's not a huge school so you can get to your classes and it's not so confusing. The classes are around 30 people so you are not crowded and have a chance to participate, not just be part of a crowd. Also their is many tutoring programs on the campus so if their are students who feel like they need extra help, San Juan can help with those needs. The only people who probably wouldn't like it is those who want the feel of the big universities.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who wants a quality education but is still not ready to afford the high tuition of a university and comes from a rural or small town atmosphere. It allows a person to get used to a campus that is not too big and yet not too small. It is a stepping stone from high school into a college. It is also a great school for people who are working full time or students with children. They offer very flexible class times and work with other universities for transfer.


A person who is not really serious about their life and that gets out the easy way. Mainly slackers who want an easy going job, and people who try to earn their GEDs.