Sandhills Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Honestly, the best thing to do if you're unsure about what to major in college is to take a year or two away from school first. Live life, explore things and learn about yourself before you decide. You will meet people and go places that will help shape your personality and life goals. Life experience is usually the best teacher anyway! Another thing, don't major in something just for the money. If you do you won't have the passion to stick with it when the going gets rough; especially in the advanced courses close to the end, that's when most students quit. So, learn about yourself, follow your passion and you'll be just fine.


I made a huge mistake as a high school senior. I decided to attend a college halfway across the country because I had a friend who attended that college. I came to realize after only one semester how horrible the idea really was. Although I had emotional support on occasion from my friend, I struggled greatly since the theater program of which I was enrolled was not as spectacular as I was originally led to believe. The theater had mold issues, and many of the people I had to affiliate with were rude and unreliable. I loved the head director, but that was about it. If I could go back in time and speak with my high-school senior self, I would convince her that following friends to college is one of the worst mistakes anyone could possibly make, especially during such a crucial stage in their life. A college should be chosen based on how their programs can increase a student’s love and knowledge for their interests. College is not about having fun and receiving support from friends. Students must have confidence that they can graduate with their desired degree with just their own determination to do so.


The best advice that could be given is to think positive. First, make short-term and long-term goals for the future. Manage time wisely and never let an opportune pass by. Develop good habits such as eating, exercise and study. Also, use your available resourses, which can help you make the right descisions.


I would advise myself to take my pre-requisite courses at Sandhills Community College so I could get a taste of college life without the overwhelming experience of being a mere number in a large university lecture hall. I would tell myself to stay away from those tables in the student union with all the credit card brochures, to save each dime that I could, and to never be afraid of a little hard work, that in the end it would all be worth the effort I put into it. More importantly I would tell myself to hold on to my dreams, to never stop learning, to never allow someone else's opinion of me to change my opinion of me, and to never lose my faith, my hope, my love. The most important advice I could give to myself would be to love myself no matter what, to believe in my abilities, and to go for all that I think I can achieve and even for that for which I think I might not.


I would tell myself to be more focus and see about getting testing on what kind of work I would have enjoyed! I would have told myself how hard I work for alot less pay! I would have explain that how I could have bulit a much better future for myself and my family. Aslo when I divorced my husband after 28 years of marriage, I would have gone back to college to enhance my career goals. Today I am starting over from scratch! I have to live with my 2 grown daughters and 2 granddaughters and one puppy. Yes in some ways it is nice, but to be honest I rather that I lived on my own and not be dependent on others for my needs. I Iwould have a much better finanical security if I had gone to college and would have made much better choices in my life. Also I could have enjoy going on vacations and where I wanted to go.


I would tell myself that everything will be ok! You are a smart, intelligent woman who can exceed in anything you put your mind to. It's ok to have fun and not study all the time, as long as you put in the time necessary to learn. Just do your best, like you always do, and everything will turn out just fine.