Sanford-Brown College-Chicago Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have gained a lot of knowledge from IADT and understand the aspect of what makes a good design and what makes a bad design.


My college expreince has been outstanding and I found that it takes posion and dedication to study into your education. School has given me the oppurinty to understand and relfect on my career in real life.


Dear Juanita, Make sure you stay focused on drafting. It may be harder than it really looks. Also, take most of your gen eds and major fashion classes togeather. Please stay movtivated no matter how many loans you can't take out. It is always best to look up and ahead than look down at the floor. Try taking night classes to get the rest of the week free to work, but make sure you stay on top of all your assignmenst. Smile every waking moment you are in school. Love, Juanita


If I could go back in time, and pass on any advice to myself as a high school student, I would enforce the words that every young person hates to hear! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! I have learned that the educational faculties truly are trying to prepare us all in school for our future. Everything we learn during one year is in all honesty getting us ready for the year after. I wish I would have paid more attention in high school to the strategies that were being taught as far as organization and studying techniques go. In college, nobody holds your hand and takes you step by step through the curriculum. The instructors and professors in college leave it up to the student to figure out for themselves how serious they want to take their education. I sincerely believe that if I would have allowed myself to take in the preparations of high school, then college wouldn't seem to overwhelming to me and I would have adapted easier. Although I am still a bright, all "A" student, I know that even taking more notes and studying more often would have made a difference. This is the best advice!


explore more options when doing projects and look at color, lighting, and perspective the most.


I would tell myself to go directly to college after the my high school senior year. Have focus on the bigger picture that I want for my life. The key is motivation to move forward and know that as many school hours you will spend in a day at the end the pay back will be more than enough and fufilling in your life. Education is what counts and is required in any field out there in the real world. Don't hold back, know what your passion is beacause what you choose to study, can be what will be for the rest of your life choose wisely. Continue to preach how much education is required to my siblings and all the children that are just now making it through there high school years. Show them facts and let them see true life stories which will change there views of how life should be at times. Let them see it through there own eyes so that when your telling them you lived it they can say "I know what you mean and I am continuing to go to school". That would put a big smile on my face.


I would tell my high school senior self to be more serious about getting ready for college. I was too wishy-washy about what I wanted to do, so I went to a community college first (which I reccommend to all students, getting GenEds are much cheaper that way). I ended up taking 3 years to complete an Associate's degree because I just kept taking more classes. I wish that I had been more decisive about what I wanted to do. Then I could have spent more time researching design schools and would have known what classes were transferable. In short, I would tell myself to do better research, on the majors I was thinking of, the schools I was thinking of, jobs that I wanted; that I way I wouldn't have taken so long to get where I am.