Sanford-Brown College-Dallas Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would simply tell myself that now was not the time to strive for adulthood. It is the time to learn, have fun, and put thought into what you want your life to be. I would make sure I understood that if I continued on the path that I was on it would make my life harder than it had to be. Marriage and a family are good things that God blesses us with but, when rushed, can change the path we are on and alter our dreams beyond recognition. Instead of going to college graduation, you attend your baby shower. Instead of those plans for the future, you make plans for the present because the future is uncertain. Then at middle age you are looking back at a life of joys but hardships also, and deciding you need an education. That education is harder to get now! The last thing I would tell myself is that no matter what, follow God and listen to Mom and Dad because thay all want whats best for you.

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