Sanford-Brown College-Las Vegas Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to apply for scholarships sooner and take all the help provided in high to continue onto college. To take the time and fully understand the FASFA and private loan process for all student loans.


Dedication to my work is one thing I have gotten out of my college experience. It has been valuable to attend because the knowledge I am gaining to enter the Audio Production field.


I know you think your life is going to go this way, but trust me your plan has a few flaws. First, stay in school for your 4th year. I know things at home aren't going well and you have to leave, but you need to take 4 years instead of 3 to complete high school. You need that time to mature before going on to college. Life can and will throw you some massive curve balls, you need to be prepaired for them. You must go to college. You are smart and capable no matter what anyone else has told you. You cannot relie on a man to take care of you. You must be able to do that yourself. College is your passport to all the things in life you want. It is important to stay focused and don't let anyone convence you otherwise. Become that bridal consultant that you dream about. Then you can open your own business here in the west and be the one that everyone comes to from all over the world because of your commitment to quality, price, and customer service. You have it in you to soar with the eagles.


I would have told myself that fashion design was going to be a career interst for me instead of being a pre-school teacher. Apply for scholarships because I would not have a cosigner for loans and I wouldn't qualify for financial aid. Don't go to Job Corps because my boyfriend was going to die a year later. Don't listen to my family and not go to college and get a regular job because I am smart enough to become a successful person. If I would have known this then I would be at a different place in my life at the age of 24.


I wish I could go back and fix all the mistakes I have made within my academic life, but I can't. The best advice is to not give up and work hard, even if you feel everything has fallen and failed. Determination & hope was able to help people get through things, no matter how hard it seemed. I would also learn to never underestimate the help of people in the academic community, and never doubt your own work. I have made so many mistakes and have spent so much money on schooling. I know I can do amazing, I just wish I pushed myself more and expected the best. I would have to present myself the best way I can and not expect anything less from any work or assignment I recieve.


The world is your ostyer and you need to find the perl. Starting school is a very overwellaming and challenging expierance being away from friends, and family for the first time and really becoming an adult in your own way. Just know that your old friends are there and will be there, you have so many new friends to make., so many new advetures to have. And this is the start of your new home life as well. Please choose new friends wisely and remember why you or in school in the first place its a lot of fun, but can be very eye opening too many of lifes ups and downs also it is a chance to mature, but it is also school learn as much as you can,in school and in life and it will take you as far as you want to go its your oyster and you'll find the peral when your ready.